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  1. Reboot and lose usb in windows, until hard power down.

    So 14.04 64bit is really stable for me and i installed from the release cd. If i reboot from unity into windows7 then my Keyboard and mouse both usb switch off during boot process and the only way...
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    Re: New PC build - could use advice

    Are you gaming??? If so get a 750ti else drop the gpu and get a i5 with gpu. the onchip is easly powerful enougth to drive a 1080p compiz panel and you dont need deal with close source binary rubbish
  3. [ubuntu] Re: Problem when installing beats audio on ubuntu, somebody knows how to fix it.

    thats odd, try

    sudo apt-get update

    first. maybe you need to update apts package catalogue.

    Also installing a new version of alsa, is serious business which can cause all kinds of problems. ...
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    [ubuntu] Re: No password to use with sudo

    the password will be the same password you set for the first user.
  5. [ubuntu] Re: Problem when installing beats audio on ubuntu, somebody knows how to fix it.


    sudo apt-get install kernel-headers-generic

    then try installing the package again
  6. [xubuntu] Re: need recommendations on buying new MB & Vid card

    I just built a new ubuntu desktop with a i5 3570k and 8 gig of ram, the cpu has a intel hd4000 gpu built into it and is supported with open source drivers. so hopefully no gpu shennigans
  7. [ubuntu] Laptop, Hibernate, Swapfile.....How dumb am I???

    A have a quick question about suspend/resume hibernate from a swapfile. My laptop a Toshiba p750 with 8gig and a 128g ssd, when ever i try to set up a multipartition system on the ssd i get the...
  8. [SOLVED] Re: How to replace Hard Drive using only Ubuntu disk

    If your migrating from a small drive to a large one then

    turn off pc
    plug in new drive
    switch on and boot from clonezilla cd
    clone old hdd to new hdd
    switch off again
    remove old hdd
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    [ubuntu] Re: MDADM Raid 5 Help

    can i get a cat /proc/mdstat

    Cant promise i can help as my software raid-fu is pretty weak-sauce
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    [ubuntu] Re: MDADM Raid 5 Help

    if i was you i would pull everything off it before you start (double check you got everything), then kill it and reformat and rebuild the raid from start. The problem might be caused if some of the...
  11. [SOLVED] Re: Ubuntu 10.10 + SSD disk + 4x3TB SATA disks - only reading 2.2 TB

    not trolling but with 4 drives why not raid 5, nearly as fast safer and you get much more storage from the drives raid 5 n-1 raid 0 n/2
  12. [ubuntu] Re: I want to upgrade my hardware of my old computer.

    Buying new ddr1 ram now is quite expensive, and finding a decent agp / pci graphics card is differacalt. it might be better to buy a new cheap pc. Ebuyers has a cheaper dualcore box with a big hard a...
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    Poll: [ubuntu] Re: Newbie needs help building a server

    you will need a rack type server case, as most datacenters charge by the U high a desktop pc will be a cash sink. quad core, loads of ram, gigabit nic and a raid 1 or 5. other then that all you will...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Server crashes randomly

    sorry, i didn't mean to come off like a **** in my last post opps.

    the log that might best show errors is /var/log/kern.log there should be only one but if theres more (if your box has been...
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    [ubuntu] Re: server migration advice

    1) back up the data
    2) Check the back ups
    3) back up again to another destination. ( ie out of the office )
    4) check the back ups

    I only mention this because only i once decided to "just eff it...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Server crashes randomly

    Im no l33t server admin but have you got the logs upto and including the moment of the crash, the logs you have provided (nice hardware btw ;)) only seem to show a machine booting up after the crash,...
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    [ubuntu] Viglen MCPL internet gateway

    About 6 months ago i bought a viglen mpc-l for 79 quid (Cheers Popey and the guys at the ubuntuUK podcast for the cheepey code). Now ive been using the thing as a torrent box but lately my family...
  18. [ubuntu] Re: Nimbus 0.1.0 - now what do I do with it?

    install checkinstall

    sudo apt-get install checkinstall

    then after 'sudo make install' nimbus, type 'sudo make checkinstall'

    this will create a .deb file for you which you can reinstall later...
  19. Re: Widelands : Pulseaudio issues, most probably

    have you tried <padsp widelands>?

    This suspends the pulseaudio demon and makes my games play music
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    Re: How I got Guild Wars working in Wine 0.9.23

    Ive finaly got Gw to work woot! (had to replace my ati with a cheap nvidia) It works at a good speed, one problem though the smoke affects have a weird outline and some distant buildings and...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Logitech webcam

    if the webcams blurry, have you tried cleaning the lens? Silly thing to ask
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    Re: First Computer you had

    My first computer was a zx81 with the 16k expansion with white panda picture on it, my dad bought for my 5th birthday, it was either that or a bmx bike I wonder if that was the major junction in my...
  23. [ubuntu] Re: 8.04 64bit will install but not i386 (i8042.nopnp)

    Cheers man, will try........nope, sorry man just does the same. If i install 7.10 then directly upgrade will it be a weird frankenstien machine or a pure 8.04?

    Found else where,

  24. [ubuntu] 8.04 64bit will install but not i386 (i8042.nopnp)

    Im trying to install 8.04 i386, the disk gets to loading the kernel dialog then clears the screen and sits there flashing a cursor.

    linux mint (i know this isn't the mint forum but it gave me an...
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    [gnome] Re: trouble installing ubuntu 8.04

    I think he bought the boxed copy thats on sale in bestbuy
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