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  1. [ubuntu] Re: A filesystem question that is too difficult to sumarize in a title

    Not worth it. You would have ramdisks but they would be limited to lan speed between each other. Unless they have a pi with 10gb ethernet it's not even worth considering.

    Supposedly possible but I...
  2. [kubuntu] Re: fstab no longer mounting nfs shares at boot

    Use systemd automount? Stays in the fstab. I had a bunch of difficulty with autofs, after awhile it just didn't work. Hung on shutdowns / reboots.

    /nfs/share /local/mount nfs...
  3. Re: Need Installation cd for HP 4470c scanjet

    That disc will do you no good on Linux. Hplip is the package you will need on your system. That is how I get my scanner to work on an Envy 5640. I'm sure it will work for you.
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    Re: I mean, why though?

    I will not touch it. I'm tired of everyone having to have their own thing. If I want a Chrome based browser... I'll use Chrome. Same with distros. I get sick of threads of this nature on various...
  5. Re: Electrical power draws for multiple desktops, amplifier, a/c etc.

    This is the main reason that I pxe boot everything I can with LTSP where Linux is concerned. No worries about random power cuts as everything is technically on the server which has a UPS on it....
  6. [ubuntu] Re: Looking for a network controlled media player to run on a headless thin client.

    I had Kodi running in an LXD container on my server and outputting to a remote pulse server on my lan. The remote only needed enough muscle to run itself and the network activity. You can use a...
  7. Re: Consoles vs. PC - Comparison Discussion

    I don't know precisely but I recall reading an article awhile back with the same topic. Something about consoles usually cap at 30fs or so. Also the resolution isn't near what the display is usually....
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    Re: Mysql guide that works?

    Is there a reason you need exactly that version? Why not just use the one in the repositories? (Prefer MariaDB myself, screw Oracle!)

    sudo apt update && sudo apt install -y mysql-server

  9. Re: How to create a lxd VM with a fixed amount of memory?
  10. Re: Help pairing MS Surface Ergonomic Keyboard

    I don't know for sure. I do know that I had to install a pulseaudio blutooth module even though bluetooth was installed for my headset. It could see it but not connect.

    Maybe some kind of similar...
  11. Re: RC Emulator 0904A, 6-Channel for a game

    I'd say plug it in and see what happens. It amazes me all the time what Linux already has drivers for.
  12. Re: Any cute wild life in your area?

    I live out in the desert a bit in Tucson Arizona and I can say I rarely see anything unfortunately except big squirrels. Lots of stray dogs and cats though. I did see a couple Javelina a couple years...
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    [lubuntu] Re: Router/modem hacking concern?

    You need to look at the progression. Modem > Router > Lan. They can't get to your computer until they have already hacked your Modem / Router. That being said while I haven't got the time at the...
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    How does this happen?

    On various forums I've seen the occasional thread about people with 32 bit installations to modern hardware. My question is how does this happen? 64 bit has been the standard for 10, 15, maybe 20...
  15. Re: need help in setting up a headless x11vnc server

    I did a headless Kodi for a library master node. It's running on my server, this link holds the instructions. You should be able...
  16. Re: installer does not let me use user name "admin"

    I don't know why that is. I've never used that for a username before. Maybe it's already used. If that is the case maybe make a user with sudo, login, and adjust that user to be able to login? May be...
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    Re: What can you trust?

    The only person I trust for information in Tucson AZ in the states is my wife. She works in a local hospital. She sees the reality of it daily. I wear a mask due to that. I think the media will...
  18. Re: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS offline repo

    That seems to be very old and manual. Check out the apt-mirror package. Set a single config file and run it whenever is convenient.
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    Re: Is this a viable concept?

    Dont reinvent the wheel? Get a modest laptop and use a live image? Shouldn't be to hard to modify image to automatically do the mac address business on boot. Also install your preferred browser.
  20. Re: Seeking advise for new computer

    Dell hasn't let me down for ease of use with Linux. At one point they used to sell some machines with Ubuntu. Don't know if they still do.
  21. [SOLVED] Re: is it unhealthy to jump the motherboard power pins to power on?

    That's all the power button really is. A temporary jump between the 2 pins. Perfectly safe although I'd not recommend it as regular practice. Mainly because eventually something will go south and you...
  22. Re: My preference for Covid protection

    Its sad to see how many out here in Arizona not wearing masks. People have literally had tantrums when told they can't enter here or there.

    Some say they work. Some say they don't. For me, I'll...
  23. Poll: Re: Should I upgrade my ubuntu desktop version from 18.04 to 20.04 ?

    If you have to ask then no. Why change something that is proven stable thus far. If all of your devices are working properly then no rush. Let 20.04 mature a bit before making it a daily driver....
  24. Re: Is it possible to bridge ethernet ports like a switch?

    So according to the debian wiki this can be done with a regular bridge. Ubuntu however uses netplan. So you will need to create a configuration file for it to read. Config file in /etc/netplan/
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    Re: Anyone else have this problem?

    This is why dogs are man's best friend. I'm not sure if there is a similar saying for a cat, and this is why.
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