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  1. [ubuntu] Re: Linux needs a password to access to Windows' partitions (Windows 7)

    How did you try to access the windows partition from ubuntu? Using a terminal, a file manager? What exactly was the result when you tried? Do you have windows hibernated? Were you ever able to...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: Confused Noob: Where are the System Folders?

    You can cd to any directory in a terminal. If you are trying to use the File Manager and have the default install, when you open Files from the left panel of the Desktop, the window will have a...
  3. Re: Ubuntu 20.04 - How To Copy MP3 Music To An Old Apple iPod Nano Device?

    Does this mean that you can see the music files when you have the iPOD attached to Ubuntu? Can you access the files from Ubuntu and play them with whatever media player you use? Your quote above...
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    Re: Partition Confusion Help Me Identify Them

    If you want to simply replace the current Ubuntu with a newer version on the same partition, you need to select /dev/sda5 as the root filesystem indicated by the symbol ' / ' in the installer. If...
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    Re: grub doesn't show on boot

    Your boot repair output is minimal and much of what is generally shown is not there for some reason. You seem to be missing some Grub files, particularly the grub.cfg file which is your boot menu. ...
  6. [ubuntu_studio] Re: Installation Failed - Dark Screen on iMac Mid-2010

    Firstly, Macs are designed to use only Apple so that's a difficulty right there. You tried to put the Ubuntu iso on a usb, How? What software or method did you use? How did you try to boot the...
  7. [ubuntu] Re: How to get Kindle downloads from 'Downloads' to my Kindle?

    Post the output of the following command on the mount point (directory) in which your Kindle files are as well as on a/some files in the directory to find the owner:group and permissions.

    ls -l...
  8. Re: 20.04 not booting. GRUB2 unavailable. Boot repair not working.

    I don't know what you did but, you don't seem to have Ubuntu or any other OS installed. sda1 doesn't appear to have anything on it, is that where you tried to install Ubuntu? The second partition...
  9. Re: Installing Ubuntu to Existing Acer XC-704 (Windows 10)

    You indicate you have windows 10 but do not say whether it is a pre-installed, default UEFI install? Is it? Ubuntu has had a site online at the link below for several years which specifically...
  10. Re: Need help to installing Ubuntu without losing Windows 10 Data

    If you have important data on a partition you need to back it up to ANOTHER drive. I'm not sure what you mean by:

    If you have .EXE files on that partition you will need a windows OS to run...
  11. Re: Error "Too many partitions" trying to use free space on a bootable-Ubuntu usb sti

    Are you using an install of Ubuntu do try to make these changes on the 'live' usb? You won't be able to change anything on the usb if you are booted from it. If you wanted to use the free space,...
  12. Re: Dual boot with win10 now stops at grub screen after update

    Partition "nvme0n1p2" is your windows EFI partition which contains the correct files to boot windows. sda1 is an EFI partition on another drive which contains the Ubuntu EFI boot files. I don't see...
  13. Re: Swapping Linux Flavour In A Dual Boot System

    UEFI is an option but it is extremely unlikely that you are using it if you have a default install of windows 7. You seem to be saying that you plan to get a new drive and install both Xubuntu and...
  14. Thread: Multiboot

    by yancek

    Re: Multiboot

    It depends upon how familiar you are with Grub2. The first link below explains how to put the windows installer on a flash drive to boot.
  15. Re: HP Elitebook 8440p Webcam not Detected by Cheese

    You might try the suggestions at the Ubuntu site below to detect problems with your webcam.
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    Re: Problems updating Ubuntu 18.04

    The image you posted indicates that Grub was previously installed to another disk or that the UUID ha changed for some reason. If you have only one hard drive, you should be able to simply install...
  17. [ubuntu] Re: Help with MySql in Ubuntu 18.04 with zoneminder

    Well, what happens when you try to start mysql? Do you get any warning/error messages? If so, what are they? Your posts are prettty vague.
  18. Re: New ubuntu installation from Windows goes straight to grub

    You might try the link below which is the official Ubuntu documentation on dual booting with windows 10 and has a lot of detailed information.
  19. Re: Trying to understand how my disk is organized (partitions)

    Question 1: Yes
    Question 2: (first part of the question)No but it is an option. (2nd part of the question)It could be. Not enough information to tell
    Question 3: Explained in post above, ...
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    Re: File System Errors

    Your sdb drive seems to be a mess. I"m not sure what happened there but your initial post shows multiple partitions with filesystem unknown. Not a good thing. Your last post seems to indicate that...
  21. Re: Linux loader borked by Windows boot...Please help me recover my home directory...

    I'm not familiar with Macs but understand that you use (or can use) an Option key to select boot device from a menu, does that work? Is this an EFI install, most Macs for a number of years have been...
  22. [ubuntu] Re: Partition help for full install on USB drive

    The bios_grub partition is only needed if you are installing in Legacy mode on a GPT drive. If you are doing an EFI install, you do not need the bios_grub partition but you do need an EFI partition...
  23. [ubuntu] Re: How to create full install Ubuntu that can be used in any computers?

    The most likely scenario is that you did a UEFI (default for windows 10) of Ubuntu and Ubuntu wrote the EFI files to the EFI partition on the first drive of the first computer you installed to. The...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Unable to install Ubuntu 20.04

    In the first image, you show and EFI partitiion which is mounted at /target/boot, that's wrong as it needs to be /boot/efi as the mount point.
    You root filesystem partition is mounted at /target...
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    Re: BIG partition problems :/

    I don't understand what you mean in the second paragraph of your original post. Drive partitions with drive letters such as C or D are windows filesystems. Windows does not give labels to Linux...
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