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    Re: HowTo Achieve "Ubuntu-Desktop-Minimal"

    It is preferred to use aptitude from the very beginning instead of apt-get, because aptitude builds installed packages database, so you can always remove/purge the package (installed with aptitude)...
  2. [other] Re: Set FAT32 Cluster Size with mkdosfs/mkfs.fvfat/mkfs.dosfs ?

    I would think that the proper command should be:

    sudo mkdosfs /dev/sdc1 -s 128 -F 32
    since the author wanted 64KB clusters.

    And because -s means sectors-per-cluster and the sector is usually...
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    Re: HOWTO: FutureLooks - A "next-gen" Desktop Pack.

    what's the name of that monospace font in the terminal screen from the first post?
  4. Re: Howto Easy FuseSMB - access Samba shares from ALL programs. - automatic access to

    I also had the same problem, that the folder was empty. Then I started looking for a problem, and while googled, after some time the network name appeared in the folder :) So I guess you just need to...
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    Re: Wine update broke my e-Sword

    it broke for me too.

    is there a way to install he previous version of wine with aptitude? I mean I don't want to install it by downloading manually .deb file, cause it may brake aptitude's...
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