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  1. Re: Removing proposed packages to revert to stable.

    This helped me too, five years later... thank you :)
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    Re: GNOME-flavoured Ubuntu Spin Coming

    When Unity first came out I downgraded back to 10.04 Lucid... eventually I skipped the first Unity release and tried the second release to feature Unity, which was pretty good. I have to admit it was...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: How do I set sound control to amplify by default?

    Man I also wish that this was possible. I can't believe that it is not but obviously no one that has the answer seems to care.
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    Re: Swap partition not mounting

    Hey, sorry about posting in the wrong place... I'm just stumbling around in here. Well I think I had figured it out on my own, but if you could hear my fix and tell me if you concur, that would be...
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    Swap partition not mounting

    I need some help with my swap partition. I had Oneiric installed and I upgraded to Precise...
    Then I used the livecd to run gparted so I could resize some partitions. I shrunk / (dev/sda1) moved...
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