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    [ubuntu] Re: Linksys WRT160N Problems

    Replying to a 4 year old thread seems a bit pointless, but...

    I confirm that I had the same problems with my Ubuntu 12.04 running on Macbook Pro and connecting to a Linksys WRT160N router with...
  2. [SOLVED] Re: MacBook Pro 8,1 + Ubuntu 12.04 - no wireless

    Confirming logisic's remarks, a fresh install of 12.04 on a Macbook 8,1, and then following the instructions at works. The only remark is that...
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    [ubuntu] Re: 11.04 Evolution IMAP Connection Error

    I've now completely removed evolution, empathy, thunderbird, and have deleted the directories for each, following for evolution. I'll test telnet and...
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    [ubuntu] Re: 11.04 Evolution IMAP Connection Error

    I can confirm this bug on 3 Ubuntu Natty systems, two amd64 and one ppc. Evolution configured with same additional packages on each system. All connections to the Exchange 2007 IMAP server fails...
  5. [SOLVED] Re: Menu Editors not working in Natty KDE & Gnome

    I'm having similar issues to you, and thought I'd report my progress here as well.

    I'm running Natty 64, and am running the Unity Desktop on Gnome. It has been an adventure working through all...
  6. [ubuntu] Re: Nipali file from labview cause problems

    I had a similar issue when installing NIDAQmx 3.2 on my Ubuntu 8.10 box. After converting the .rpm's the .deb's, per the detailed post, I started...
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    [ubuntu] Two mounting questions

    I'm running 9.04. I have two related, but separably answerable mounting questions.

    Q1: I have a usb external hard drive mounted automatically at /media/usb0. I'd like to change this to...
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    Re: Make more memory available ImageJ

    It's also worth noting that from the shell, you can execute "imagej" with the "-x <MB>" option, to specify the amount of available memory. For my machine with 4 GB ram, the default 768 MB is fine,...
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