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  1. [ubuntu] Ubuntu server edition Vs Ubuntu Minimal Edition

    I want to achieve Ubuntu Command Line interface without any GUI or any app installed on it. I just want to practice the Linux commands. I tried installing Ubuntu Minimal Edition. But it never worked....
  2. [ubuntu] Re: How to remove complete GUI from Ubuntu-Desktop 11.10

    After spending almost 3-4 hours for waiting to download and install minimal ubuntu, it was not worth. I installed it in Virtual Box and After installation, It is just stuck on a black screen and...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: How to remove complete GUI from Ubuntu-Desktop 11.10

    I also thought that to use minimal iso. But the problem is that it requires fast internet connection. I am just using GPRS
  4. [ubuntu] How to remove complete GUI from Ubuntu-Desktop 11.10

    Hi ! I have installed the Ubuntu-Desktop 11.10. I want to remove the COMPLETE GUI so along with its all dependent apps. Is there anyway to do it? Later I will install FLUXBOX. And I want to keep only...
  5. Re: Can you Add Ubuntu Desktop to a Windows Domain?

    I am already using Likewise-open for Domain Integration. But the problem is it supports only one domain at a time to join. What if I want to make my machine to join 2 domains. What is required to be...
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    [ubuntu] Help in GRUB / MBR Restoring

    I am facing strange kind of problem. I had installed Ubuntu 9.04 along with Windows 7 on my compaq laptop. I tried to install Windows XP Service Pack 2(which includes sata hard disk drivers). But I...
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