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  1. [ubuntu] Re: 10.04 - Need help switching to NFE from Forcedeth

    I'm working through a similar issue at the moment. It seems that after a while, the interface run by the forcedeth driver either (1) gets extremely slow (as in, DNS lookups seem laggy), or (2) chokes...
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    [all variants] Nautilus: Default arrange items manually?

    I'm using lucid, but I think my question applies more generally.

    I would like to set the default (icon) view or layout of files to be "arrange manually." Nautilus allows you to set this preference...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: How do I select AHCI option before installing Ubuntu?

    You may want to check whether your hardware supports AHCI, e.g.,
  4. [ubuntu] Re: How best to rename all JPEGs in a folder by EXIF date & time stamp

    I wasn't aware of pyrenamer, so maybe that solves your needs, OP. I can understand not wanting to "reinvent the wheel" if you don't have to, but another option would be to write your own custom...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu & Ati Radeon HD 5850.

    Different user here, but similar ATI issue. The new kernel starts booting in console mode, but the screen goes black eventually. The syslog suggests the video driver isn't being loaded. With a black...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Youtube and Hulu again...

    Possible partial solution: I'd suggest finding a different Flash source. I'm running (64-bit), and YouTube works fine. I can see the advertisements on Hulu just fine, but the actual...
  7. [SOLVED] Re: Any idea as to why google earth doesn't work?

    Agreed. On my laptop with an ATI card, GE worked/works under Ubuntu 8 and 9 for AMD64. On my desktop, also with an ATI card, GE from either medibuntu or Google will apparently crash X on 8.04LTS for...
  8. [all variants] Re: Revert back to previous version of a package

    I am also interested in how to do this since an upgrade broke my sound system.
  9. [xubuntu] Re: ATTENTION HP dvX laptop owners with speaker sound issues ...

    Interesting. Until a few days ago, sound on my dv5z "just worked". Apparently an update to alsaplayer-alsa 0.99.80-3ubuntu1, alsaplayer-gtk 0.99.80-3ubuntu1, alsaplayer-common 0.99.80-3ubuntu1...
  10. [ubuntu] Re: Network disabled after resuming from suspend (not a driver issue)

    What's working for me currently involved three changes. I'm not sure what the minimal set of changes is, but it works.

    1. /etc/pm/config.d/00sleep_module


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    [ubuntu] Re: Battery not Charging?

    I think I have a possible solution. With the AC power running, remove the battery and wait until the battery monitor shows 0%. Then reinstall the battery. Linux will detect the battery and show the...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Battery not Charging?

    I ran into this with ubuntu amd64 8.04.1. I discovered it while playing around with cpu frequency scaling. The battery was down to 24% and wouldn't increase. The recharging light on the battery was...
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