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    [ubuntu] Re: Rainlendar on Top Bar

    Did you install to tofrodos package which it seems to need:

    How did you install the application please?
  2. [SOLVED] Re: Can't run apt install due to unmet dependencies

    I see. Also note that if you are root you don't need to use sudo. You already have full system access
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    Re: error copying from smb drive

    What is the cp command you are issuing as well as an the pwd?
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    [ubuntu] Re: Installation Error..

    If you run:

    dmesg -T > /tmp/boot.txt; gedit /tmp/boot.txt

    You can look for large gaps in time on the right hand side (These are the kernel messages as the system boots) which will help...
  5. Re: Problem with Samba related to moving WIndows desktop files to newly installed Ubu

    Sure, just use something like Filezilla on Windows. There are even applications to mount SFTP in Windows (when doesn't Windows need another application to do anything remotely useful?). File sharing...
  6. Re: Problem with Samba related to moving WIndows desktop files to newly installed Ubu

    If you have openssh-server running then use. SFTP, no need for Samba. Dead easy
  7. [ubuntu] Re: Unable to run UGS platform (java app) on Raspberry Pi 4

    What is the output of:

    sudo apt install pastebinit
    cat -n ~/Downloads/1/ugsplatform-pi/bin/ugsplatform | pastebinit

  8. Re: Do not run Ubuntu after complete installation

    If you chroot to the installed OS from the live CD/USB media, you can reinstate GRUB etc. Did you install in UEFI mode or Legacy, please?
  9. Re: I hope this is the right place to ask for help on this

    Also run

    sudo rm /etc/apt/sources.list.d/google.list
  10. Re: I hope this is the right place to ask for help on this

    The PPA doesn't support your release and should be removed
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    [ubuntu] Re: Sudo password

    Just type your password and press ENTER. It is being accepted
  12. [ubuntu] Re: How to ask updating packages in universe repository?

    Another option:

    Could try one of those. These obviously come with the caveats of a PPA. Remeber to filter the PPA for your release. Not all...
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    [ubuntu] Re: System Policy Prevents Changes

    Could use the terminal to set the time zone. Dead easy
  14. [lubuntu] Re: Add New User - settings in /etc/adduser.conf don't work?

    Watch the umask too
  15. Re: Could not initialize SDL(x11 not available) error while I'm trying to start autom

    Make sure you use full paths to all commands and files. Also make sure that the accounts running the commands have sufficient access to the files being used. If your user can run the command OK then...
  16. [ubuntu] Re: Package dependencies cannot be resolved

    I'm betting this is PPA based
  17. [SOLVED] Re: Can't run apt install due to unmet dependencies

    RAM is super cheap too, is an upgrade possible? If so then it'll really really help
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    Re: Cant login to ubuntu anymore

    Also make sure you have free space on all file systems
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    [lubuntu] Re: Mobizen replacement

    There's something in Chrome web browser too. I forget it's name. What are you using on your phone that needs the screen? You can transfer files to your phone using Bluetooth. Just tell the device to...
  20. [ubuntu] Re: How to speedup transfer rate when copying big files?

    eSATA may help instead of USB
  21. Re: most simple way to restart NetworkManager

    Watch the spacing. YAML is picky. Some you have to TAB, some are SPACES.
  22. Re: change login without password to login with password.

    Oooh is that a thing? Learned something new today. Thanks! :-)
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    Re: Small business environment

    I'd go LDAP but if you want authentication for both then you can use Windows AD.
  24. Re: 20.04 update to kernel 5.4.0-71 killed Thunar

    If you boot an older kernel is it OK there?
  25. [ubuntu] Re: Webcamera microphone not working on multiple school computers

    If you install and use pavucontrol does it help?
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