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    [all variants] Complete harddrive backup

    Hello all,

    What is the best way to perform a complete harddrive backup? I am going to wipe my harddrive and install a different variant from the ubuntu 12.04 vanilla. I have heard of clonezilla,...
  2. [ubuntu] reducing /run ramdisk size and reducing ram usage


    I have a machine I am trying to save some ram on. I tried typing mount to see if there were any tmpfs mounted and I found about Ubuntu's /run. Being more used to Slackware than Ubuntu I looked...
  3. [ubuntu] Ubuntu boots but no logon screen. Worked fine before

    Hi all,

    My brother has an Ubuntu asus eeepc laptop (I don't remember the ubuntu version but it is a year to two old.) It had been working ok for the time he has had it, but for some reason it no...
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