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  1. [kubuntu] Kubuntu Karmic Screen Flickers on Logout / Shutdown

    I own a HP DV8 1050 ep and installed Kubuntu 9.10 x64.

    Every time I logout; shutdown or resume from sleep, the screen flickers.

    Installing NVIDIA 190 drivers didn't solve this issue....
  2. [all variants] Re: FAN noise after BIOS upgrade (HP DV8 1050ep)

    Thks. :D
    HP released a new BIOS F15e and issue is gone.
  3. [all variants] FAN noise after BIOS upgrade (HP DV8 1050ep)

    HP DV8 1050ep i7 18,4

    Due to Startup Error - System Temperature (90D) bug related to ubuntu 9.10 instalation,I upgraded my BIOS firmware to F.12 (released 2009-12-08), that BUG was corrected but...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: HP Pavilion DV8 and Ubuntu 9.10 shutdown issue

    Same issue here with Ubuntu 9.10 and with Linux Mint 8 x64.

    Upgrading bios version to F1.20 seems to correct the problem. But now the FAN is always on.
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    Re: December 2008 Screenshot Thread

    OS: ubuntu 8.10
    Theme: Dust
    Icons: Kamel Alpha 0.3
    Wallpaper: space.jpg
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    [all variants] Re: Ubuntu Live Usb Creator

    I shall way for 8.10 then. Thks for the reply. :D
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    [all variants] Ubuntu Live Usb Creator

    Recently Fedora 9 brought the Live Usb Creator which allow us to easy create usb febora live pens.

    Is there any easy way to do the same in Ubuntu?
  8. Circunvent the administration directory lock when installing different things


    If we are running an UPDATE/INSTALL via apt-get or synaptics we cannot install a package and vice-versa.

    All we get is something like this:

    E: Could not get lock...
  9. HOW TO: Recover Windows MBR using Ubuntu LIVE CD

    Tested on Ubuntu 7.04; Ubuntu 7.10 and Linux Mint 4.0 Live CDs

    If want to restore Windows Bootloader and for some reason cannot use the windows installation cd, there is a simple way to do it:
  10. Re: How to install BROTHER DCP-310 Printer and Scanner

    I am glad that the information posted here helped your path to the ubuntu side. :D
  11. Re: How to install BROTHER DCP-310 Printer and Scanner

    So, now the printer is working fine but the scanner does not?

    1) Don't forget the lsusb step

    2) and the sudo chmod 666 /proc/bus/usb/00x/00x step (please change the "00x" accordingly to your...
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    Best Distro to Run in an USB PEN

    What is the Best distro to install and run from an USB pen?
  13. Re: How to install BROTHER DCP-310 Printer and Scanner

    The problem is not in Xsane (scanner).
    I think its related to the printer drivers.

    1) Run Synaptics Manager and search for "CSH", then install it;

    2) Download and install the LPR driver from...
  14. disabling metacity ugly maximize/minimize wireframes

    Tested on Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn.

    Metacity has some ugly maximize/minimize wireframe borders that look very bad on the GNOME animation scheme (specially if we are using COMPIZ-FUSION).

    But, do...
  15. How to install BROTHER DCP-310 Printer and Scanner

    Tested on Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn x32

    To install the Printer (USB)
    I've managed to install my DCP310 printer using the guide provided here:
    Brother Printer Driver Site...
  16. Re: HOWTO: Enabling Accelerated 3D for a Virtual Machine in VMWare 5.0

    I am using Windows XP with VMWARE 6.0 Workstation.
    Ubuntu 7.04 running in a virtual machine.
    I tried to use the "experimental feature" stated here but having no success so far.

    My video card is...
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