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    [all variants] Re: virsh attach-disk

    Same problem here. The workaround I came up with was this command:

    sudo kvm -hda [name_of_image_file] -cdrom [name_of_iso_file] -m 512

    It doesn't seem to be as fast as virsh, though, but at...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: ubuntu server 8.04 raid 1 question

    Right off the bat, I would say you need to partition manually. You see, GRUB won't boot off a huge (multi-gig) partition. You have to put /boot on a small (256-512MB) partition at the beginning of...
  3. [ubuntu] 780G (ATI Radeon 3200) and Analog Capture

    I'm trying to get Analog Capture to work on the new Gigabyte board with the 780G chipset, using the proprietary driver from ATI. (flglv or something like that)

    Kernel recognizes my TV card no...
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