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  1. Error on Flash plugins with Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary 8 in Ubuntu 12.04

    I am facing to the same problem with you.

    Could you have any suggestions for us please?
  2. [ubuntu] Re: Touchpad not working after update to 12.04 (DELL Latitude E5520)

    Hi everyone,

    I had the same problem when installing Ubuntu 12.04 on Dell Latitude E6530. And I tried to follow the instructions. It absolutely works in my laptop. Why have not you done yet?;)
  3. Replies

    [ubuntu] Re: Logoff Command

    This is exact what i am looking for. Thanks!
  4. [ubuntu] Re: GParted: Reducing Swap & Increasing ext3

    In my laptop, gparted disables Resize/Move functions. I don't how to enable them although the free space remains over 2GB.
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