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    [all variants] Re: Intel Macs with Hardy 'no bootable devices'

    I have a 4.1 macbook pro, and I had 8.04 triple booting. Did a clean install of 9.04, and I do see the tux icon but when I choose it the screen says "GRUB" for a second then reboots (by itself). ...
  2. [SOLVED] Re: Ubuntu 9.10, Macbook Pro 5,1, OSX 10.6.1 NIGHTMARES

    I've been triple-booting my macbook pro since 8.04 with refit (mac/linux/winxp). I haven't upgraded it since 8.04 and bit the bullet for 9.10.

    Unfortunately, now I get the grub message and...
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    Re: Subversion 1.4.3 package

    This post is literally a year old. Why is there no 1.4 ubuntu subversion package? This feels like debian!! Everyone is compiling 1.4 themselves or using unofficial packages, someone who can should...
  4. Re: Continuum on wine doesn't work, even though it should

    I had to comment out the 'else' like a few others had to.

    I also had to use the dev version ( else I got:

    [andrewroth@localhost Continuum-wine]$...
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