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    Re: Touchpad hotkey toggle doesn't work

    Hi! I tried to use a script assigned to a shortcut, it works but only to deactivate the touchpad. When I run the very same script on the terminal, it works properly
  2. Bakclight/Brightness stuck at max - Lenovo L340 Ubuntu / 21.04 / NVIDIA

    I tried to fix this while using ubuntu 20.10, no success. Then, tried to boot a pre-release image of 21.04. For my suprised, it WORKED out of the box!
    I upgraded my system and... no control over...
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    Touchpad hotkey toggle doesn't work

    Hotkey toggle doesn't work with Ubuntu 20.10 on my Lenovo L340. I tried to use 2 workarounds I found online: creating a script* to manually switch xinput and xdotool, then creating a new shortcut....
  4. Lenovo L340 Ubuntu 20.10/Linux problems: Brightness + Wifi + Suspension (+Battery opt

    I'll request help and try to organize here any information on issues regards Lenovo L340 (my specific model is 81tr003br) with current Ubuntu 20.10 Kernel 5.8.0-44-generic

    1. Brightness...
  5. Simple barcode scanner (LC-2013) won't work

    I bought a simple barcode reader/scanner, it's imported, so it doesn't have much vendor's information.
    It seems to be called LC-2013 ...
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