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    Re: Acer laptop and HDMI output

    Thanks Weatherman2
    I was able to get the HDMI display to show my wallpaper and then I was able to rearrange the displays in the "Displays" settings. At that point all my desktop icons showed up and...
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    Acer laptop and HDMI output

    I am trying to get HDMI output so I can show video or slides. The HDMI port is detected but turned off. I tried using Grandr to set multiple displays but I only have one choice, eDP. No other...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Crucial MX100 not recognized

    After rebooting to check my Bios settings, which I didn't need to change, the drive shows up in Gparted. I don't have a clue why it did so but that's OK. Now I'll clone the drive and go SSD.
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    [SOLVED] Crucial MX100 not recognized

    I purchased a Crucial MX100 SSD and connected it to my laptop (in an enclosure) via USB. The MX100 is not recognized and does not mount nor show up in any disk utility. I have read that this could be...
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    [ubuntu] Permissions on USB drive

    I struggled for hours to format a flash drive (FAT32) so I could add some pix to it and view them with a Pico projector. I used gparted to format the drive yet I could not add files without superuser...
  6. [SOLVED] Re: upgrade from 14.04 to 14.10 creates dependency/configure problems

    I finally solved this. I tried using dpkg to configure any of the packages that were a problem and ultimately, after only 3 tries, found that the issue was package sysv-rc. I found that it is the...
  7. [SOLVED] upgrade from 14.04 to 14.10 creates dependency/configure problems

    I ran the GUI software updater to upgrade from 14.04 to14.10. At the end of the upgrade I got a message that the upgrade was complete but that there were errors. I then ran

    apt-get update &&...
  8. [gnome] oneiric "Waiting for Network" plus ultra long time between login and Desktop

    I'm running Oneiric on an Acer laptop 64 bit. Upgrading was, as usual, a nightmare but eventually I got the broadcom driver installed,etc but another update or 2 got the kernel upgrades needed for...
  9. Re: Synaptic upgrade wants to remove plymouth

    As far as I know I have done nothing to change the update schedule. I have quite a few PPA repos and maybe one of them is the problem. Nothing though with Plymouth or important items.
  10. Re: Synaptic upgrade wants to remove plymouth

    Thanks and that is what I have heard/read. It's just that this has been an issue for about 4 months now. In any case I'll not do the partial.

    Thanks again
  11. Re: Synaptic upgrade wants to remove plymouth

    Here's the apt-get dist-upgrade for more info:

    Calculating upgrade... Done
    The following packages will be REMOVED:
    friendly-recovery plymouth-label plymouth-theme-kubuntu-logo
  12. Synaptic upgrade wants to remove plymouth

    10.10 Ubuntu on a Toshiba Satellite-
    I have been getting a partial upgrade option with update manager which includes many linux kernel packages as well as others. I have run apt-get update and...
  13. [all variants] Re: Boot-Repair-Disk : THE 'must-have' rescue CD !

    Thanks for the response. I am able to boot an Ubuntu Maverick live cd. I did check the md5 and it was good and I burned at 10x. I could try a lower burning speed but that still doesn't explain why I...
  14. [all variants] Re: Boot-Repair-Disk : THE 'must-have' rescue CD !

    And I tried the Ubuntu-secured-remix 64bit, which is what my chipset is, and it won't boot either. The drive spins and there is a long pause while the cursor blinks and then it boots the HD. Again,...
  15. [all variants] Re: Boot-Repair-Disk : THE 'must-have' rescue CD !

    I'm trying to reset the grub menu on a usb drive so it will boot. It is a clone of my HD which is set to boot from the first HD and so I think the cloned drive is finding my HD instead of booting...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Alternative to YAMB?

    I just found this thread and I installed MP4BVox yesterday, works great. I got the same error about the URL and realized that it was spaces in the file name. I didn't put it in quotes, I renamed it...
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    [ubuntu] Unity 2D no applications in launcher

    I have a Toshiba satellite running Maverick x86-64, with no 3d acceleration so I've installed Unity 2d. While the desktop comes up fine and I can open firefox and several other apps from the launcher...
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    [ubuntu] Re: GStreamer Failed

    I know that it's been many months since the last post on this problem but I ran into it upgrading to Maverick. I finally found that if all the gstreamer libraries in /usr/local/lib were removed a la:...
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    [all variants] Re: Comprehensive Multimedia & Video Howto

    I installed mozilla-mplayer as per the how-to and tried again and now I get the mplayer embedded player when I try an Apple trailer. However, clicking on play shows the playlist loading and then...
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    [all variants] Re: Comprehensive Multimedia & Video Howto

    From Sodear's post from January-the same problem that I have. Firefox-3.6 in Karmic 64bit:

    I get the controls and a window in which the quicktime vid should play and nothing happens. I can...
  21. [all variants] Re: wine unable to find a volume for file extraction

    I ran
    sh winetricks volnum

    and got the reply that drive \C was renamed. will this have any effect on any other wine stuff?
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    [ubuntu] Re: crash and won't boot, cdrom, udev?

    We got a remote disk drive to see if the problem was the internal drive but still can't boot a live cd from that either. Any help at all out there??
  23. [ubuntu] Re: upgrade to Karmic no boot eth1 craziness

    Thanks so much for the info! I dual boot the TiBook with OS X and so I just booted up that and then sudo'ed into the network/interfaces and moved it out of the way and booted into Karmic. Boot went...
  24. [ubuntu] Re: upgrade to Karmic no boot eth1 craziness

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    [ubuntu] crash and won't boot, cdrom, udev?

    I'm writing for my brother who was running Karmic on a Microtel desktop.
    He'd been having trouble with blank cds (data cds and dvds didn't cause this problem) crashing his box so he uninstalled and...
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