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    [ubuntu] Re: Question about installing a Tar.bz2

    You have downloaded the firefox binary (most probably).. After you extract tar.bz2 contents, you can run firefox by just going into the directory say firefox in this case, and executing the command...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Disabling guest login

    Never mind! I didn't read the question properly..
  3. [ubuntu] Re: 12.04 - Will not update nor download packages

    Oh I am sorry! The commands I mentioned above missed semicolons. (bad formatting) I changed them now. So could you now try them by replacing bakjune5 by bakjune5-2 in all places and see if it helps.
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    [ubuntu] Re: pdf to word conversion

    pdftotext command converts pdf files to text. Although the text is not formatted.
    See if you want.
  5. [ubuntu] Re: 12.04 - Will not update nor download packages

    First confirm that you are able to browse other websites.
    Then, run these commands:
    sudo mv /var/lib/apt/lists{,bakjune5}; sudo mv /var/cache/apt/archives/partial{,bakjune5}; sudo apt-get...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Identifying rogue network activity

    Check out Nethogs tool.

    after installing the nethogs, execute

    The interface name will be something like eth0, ppp0, eth1 and stuff which you can find out by looking at the output of...
  7. Thread: updater

    by ~!geek!~

    [ubuntu] Re: updater

    I am unable to get what exactly are you saying here, but I think you are asking whether ubuntu updates the softwares installed itself.
    Ans- Yes, Ubuntu updates the list of available softwares...
  8. Thread: X-based?

    by ~!geek!~

    [SOLVED] Re: X-based?

    This should help:
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    [ubuntu] Re: PLEASE HELP!! Help to recover files

    Try google looking for ways to recover your files from a partition.
    If you find one use it.. My personal experience to recover video files from a partition:
    I Installed photorec, a Command line...
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    [SOLVED] Re: amd radeon Messed up display

    And it happened to you too! Gnome-shell troubles!
    But are you not able to get to tty session.. by pressing ctrl+alt+f1 or f2 ... f6 at Login Screen. If you are then try removing it using one of...
  11. [ubuntu] Re: '' installation help

    Have you added the JAVA_HOME variable in your ~/.bashrc file if not you can try adding following in it..
    export JAVA_HOME="completeaddress of jre/bin/java"
    Also in the line saying
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    [SOLVED] Re: Recommended podcast receiver?

    Try gpodder..Its not what I wanted but after trying a few other podcast clients.. It was the best deal.
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    [ubuntu] Re: unity launch bar always on top

    Open CCSM (install it if you don't have already)-> select ubuntu unity Plugin -> in Behaviour tab change Hide launcher option to Never...
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    [ubuntu] Re: installing pgplot

    Try this from the directory containing source files: 1) make clean
    2) sudo apt-get install fort77
    3) Now run make command as: make
    4) If make runs successfully, run sudo make install to finish...
  15. [ubuntu] Re: how to change shortcut to switch between terminals?

    In gnome-terminal, go to Edit->KeyboardShortcuts. N then set the appropriate values in `Switch to Next Tab` n `Switch to Privious tab`.
  16. [ubuntu] Re: Problems installing "socks" program on Ubuntu

    It seems you have re-run make command before posting its output on forums. I assume it ran successfully first time you tried it! If thats the case, you need to run 'sudo make install' instead of...
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    [SOLVED] Re: thumbnails stopped showing

    Did you try preference settings in nautilus!! Edit->Preferences->Preview
    Change the configurations, if they are not set as you want!
  18. [all variants] Re: Copying file via SSH from server to Local Machine

    +1 to this! The explorer interface winscp provides, makes it easy to browse the directory at server and copy files from them to local machine intuitive to a windows user!
  19. [ubuntu] Re: Does it make sense to use chmod 700 for directories like bin, root, usr, ...?

    Let me first try to explain the result of ls -l / command for you. Lets start with 3rd line in quoted message. `root root` represents that the owner of the directory /usr is `root` (first `root`)...
  20. [ubuntu] Re: Does it make sense to use chmod 700 for directories like bin, root, usr, ...?

    Visit this page about permissions in linux from to learn about permissions of files n directories in linux. Will help you avoid many things you should not do!...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Offline installation, help

    Oops, I apologise for not replying to your message! I just didn't take a look at the inbox of mine!! I hope somebody from forums already solved your problem! Anyways,let me put the way I would have...
  22. [kubuntu] Re: Install programs on PC with no internet access?

    I hope your problem has already been solved.. If not, you may visit the blog:
  23. [ubuntu] How to bookmark threads in ubuntuforums account?

    I sometimes come across threads which I would like to mark and keep the pointer to it saved in my account for later use i.e. Bookmark some threads, in short! A `follow button` should be good. Is it...
  24. [SOLVED] Re: video freezes while using application switcher plugin on ubuntu 11.04

    Okay so finally solved this myself!!! If anyone else's facing this, Here is the solution! The problem was with `MipMaps` option selected in switcher plugin! It seems Ubuntu 11.04's underdeveloped...
  25. [all variants] Re: Partitioning /home/ separately from multiple distros

    Its cool to put /home on a separate partition. It helps a lot in situations when you need to reinstall the operating system (Happens a lot after distro upgrade in ubuntu!!!).
    But its not advisable...
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