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  1. [ubuntu] Re: Nothing but roblems installing ubuntu in Windows

    Thanks for the reply. I can boot from the CD which runs the Live CD trial version. I would do a complete install but I'm unsure for the partitioning procedure. (I don't want to lose windows and all...
  2. [ubuntu] Nothing but roblems installing ubuntu in Windows

    I am experiencing nothing but problems in trying to install ubuntu within Windows.

    I am now on my twenty third attempt! The furthest I have got is to the "Installing System" "Scanning Files"...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: PowerPC - Installing Intrepid (8.10) - No common CD-ROM drive was detected


    I am having the same problem trying to install Ubuntu 8.10 on a G4 Mac Mini. I have followed the instructions in the previous threads but cannot switch using the Ctrl+Alt-F2 key strokes.

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