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  1. [ubuntu] Re: window enlarge automatically without panel

    Since no one replied my thread, I decided to reinstall Ubuntu. Now I am currently looking into remastering Ubnuntu so that I won't have to go through hassle to download Poulsbo and BCM STA drivers...
  2. Re: Remastersys Guide - Create Your Own Ubuntu-based Distro

    I would like to create remastered CD of Karmic Koala 9.04 for my Dell Mini 10 (1010) netbook which have issue with Intel GMA 500 chipset which was fixed with "Poulsbo" driver. The biggest problem is...
  3. [ubuntu] window enlarge automatically without window border (minimize, maximize, and close)

    Hi to all,

    I mess up Ubuntu 9.10 on my dell mini 10 netbook. I use straightfoward 9.10, not Netbook Remix. Installed Poulsbo driver and fixed Dell STA wireless card driver (reinstall BCM...
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    [all variants] Re: Data recovery

    ](*,) Have you tried using LiveCD to boot up to desktop and check if you still have some precious files in the drive which you want to back it up.

    Just suggestion

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    [ubuntu] linux-uvc not working or corrupted

    Hi to all,

    I hope you can give me advice how to fix that dang problem. I have USB 2.0 Logitech Vision Pro for MAC (cross platform webcam that works with Windows/MAC/Linux very well without...
  6. [ubuntu] Re: Anyone have one of the Chinese MD80 clone MiniDV cameras working as a webcam?

    You might want to check your camera's setup menu to see if you can switch from "storage" to "Webcam".

    I have cheap Mastonic digital 4.0 megapix camera which is capable running webcam. It have...
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    [ubuntu] Video Phone software for Ubuntu??

    I am currently looking for Video Phone software for Ubuntu. I know Skype, Kopete and few videochat software that Ubuntu have. What I'm looking for that will work with ZVRS's ZOjo, Z340, VP200,...
  8. [xubuntu] Re: Network Manager woud not work with Sprint Blackberry Curve

    Anyone :bump: :bump:
  9. [xubuntu] Network Manager woud not work with Sprint Blackberry Curve

    I have Xubuntu Jaunty Jackelope 9.04 installed on Dell Latitude CSX-H 500mhz laptop.

    I am having difficulty on getting Sprint Blackberry Curve as modem using Network Manager. In Network...
  10. Re: Dell Latitude CSX-H battery monitor issue Crunchbang Linux

    Never mind....:confused:

    It somehow fix itself.. I think I ran update and later in the morning, I shut down the laptop then powered up in the afternoon. It fixed itself and now I can see battery...
  11. Dell Latitude CSX-H battery monitor issue Crunchbang Linux

    I just installed Crunchbang Linux 8.10 (derive from Ubuntu) and It is showing battery monitor on red level "empty" while battery is fully charged.

    Dell latitude CSx-H Laptop
    500mhz Coppermine...
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    Re: How many of you completely switched to Linux?

    I switched over to Ubuntu since last summer cuz Windoz XP (cracked version, never owned) crashed on my AMD64 system (Abit AV8 w/ AMD 64 3500 "Venice Core" w/ ATI Radeon 9000 Pro 128mb). I gave up...
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