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  1. [mythbuntu] Simultaneouse Mythbuntu Play Music on 2 sound cards

    Dear Forum,
    I am looking for suggestions for how can I play Mythtv audio (Play Music) on two sound cards simultaneously.
    I have two cards working well. One card is an onboard Intel cards, and the...
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    Re: Using PVR150 IR Blaster In Mythbuntu 9.10b

    There is something I don't understand about the lirc_zilog drivers. I have HVR-1950 and I have been successful compiling the patched drivers. However, the drivers cannot find my device. Please find...
  3. [mythbuntu] After reboot mythbackend does not see a TV tuner - requires service restart

    Dear forum,
    I am running Mythbuntu 9.10 with HVR 1950 using pvrusb2 drivers. The HVR 1950 driver loads with no errors. When my PC reboots the tuner is not recognized by Mythbackend. If the...
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    [ubuntu] Re: ATI Propietary Driver 9.6 on x1400 and Jaunty.

    RadeonHD DVI limitation:
    I have a laptop with ATI x1450 card; You can't get video output on DVI (DVI-D_1). If you plan to connect your PC (i.e. laptop) to your TV via DVI, or S-Video output, the...
  5. [ubuntu] Send LCD on/off (Fn + F7) command from console

    Hi there,
    I have been looking for a method to turn my LCD on/off using a command line.

    The LCD goes on/off by pressing the Fn + F7 on an ASUS notebook. Non of the ACPI scripts on Mythbuntu 9.04...
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    [mythbuntu] Re: Mythbuntu: LiveTV runs very slow - ATI conf

    Please find an update:
    Adding Option "TexturedVideo" "true" to the Section "Device" resolved the problem.

    However, there is now a new problem. The LiveTV image is double.

    I tried...
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    [mythbuntu] Mythbuntu: LiveTV runs very slow - ATI conf

    Dear Forum,
    My LiveTV runs at about 2 frames per second. Review of the mythfrontend reveals video errors.

    Starting mythfrontend.real..
    2008-07-15 11:52:44.136 New DB connection, total: 2...
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