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  1. Re: Super disappointed at bugs in DEFAULT Libreoffice slideshow template

    Isn't LaTex "the right way" to write books and textbooks? I do believe I've seen html-slideshows lately, is there one that does well with equation display?
  2. Super disappointed at bugs in DEFAULT Libreoffice slideshow template

    I have to say I'm very disappointed at Libreoffice right now. In the "master pages" you can choose the blue template, start creating a slideshow, and it looks nice and consistent and blue.. Hit F5...
  3. Re: Funny new graphical effect in Ubuntu 16.04

    I'm thinking it's a Virtualbox bug - I saw a weird garbled large ..tualbox in the window just now. Restarting the Virtualbox windows shows it correctly.
  4. Funny new graphical effect in Ubuntu 16.04

    I was trying out 16.04 from daily build iso downloaded yesterday, and I found an interesting graphical effect after trying to install updates:
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    [ubuntu] Re: widevine media optimizer

    The error message they give is incorrect. It actually works just fine in Chromium browser, and I didn't have to install any extra plugins.
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    [SOLVED] Re: using wine

    I like Firefox too, but is all that work worth it when it works with no extra setup in Chrome/Chromium browser?
  7. Re: Can Anybody Suggest a Deal on Light Quiet Laptop or Large Tablet?

    I'd second Dell, they have good products and are one of the few major brands that preinstall Ubuntu.
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    Re: plutil equivalent in Ubuntu?

    I used the Python biplist library, and it works well and is easy to integrate into your scripts.

    sudo easy_install biplist
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    Re: Interoperability with iOS 9?

    Installed a newer PPA of libimobiledevice 1.2, I can at least transfer to iBooks now. Apparently there's a common problem in that Ubuntu doesn't show the documents of any apps:...
  10. Re: Anyone holding a release party? any recipes?

    Because donuts look like Ubuntu install discs?
  11. Anyone holding a release party? any recipes?

    With release day tomorrow, I was wondering if anyone has ideas for something to bake to celebrate - people bring pie or PIneapple to pi-day parties, cake to birthday parties, what do you guys bring...
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    Re: Interoperability with iOS 9?

    My issue is I don't have libimobiledevice set up correctly, hasn't worked in awhile (since 8.0 maybe?) - are you saying 15.10 works with iOS9, transferring files or music/books?

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    Re: Interoperability with iOS 9?

    Nice. What do you mean by "on iOS 9"? Transfer of books? audio? video? Rhythmbox integration?

    I'm on 14.04 and had some success with libimobiledevice but I haven't been able to compile 1.2 yet....
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    Interoperability with iOS 9?

    Just curious if anyone has had success with the iOS9 update that is out recently?

    I see libimobiledevice says it supports it, but I haven't yet succeeded in compiling it. Before I tried updating...
  15. [ubuntu] Re: Help: Submitting podcast to the iTunes Directory?

    Why submit it to iTunes? There are more user-friendly ones such as Miro that don't make you find a Mac computer and use special software and set up Apple account:
  16. [Phone] Re: Using ubuntuphone/ aquarius E4.5 eCompass (and other sensors)

    This is months old so I'm sure this is a yes now - but I have to ask, the Aquarius does have FM Radio & compass supported in Ubuntu now, correct?
  17. [ubuntu] Re: Tinyscrollbar never works in Ubuntu Firefox?

    Here's something interesting, after upgrading from the original 14.04 3.13 to the new 14.04 3.19 it seems this is fixed.

    What kernel were you using when dragging scrollbar worked for you?
  18. [ubuntu] Re: Tinyscrollbar never works in Ubuntu Firefox?

    No, I mean if you click the scrollbar, not using the scrollwheel. It never works in Firefox, and it's a common problem with Firefox and Bootstrap, as well as Tinyscroll. See the last comment on...
  19. [ubuntu] Tinyscrollbar never works in Ubuntu Firefox?

    This is a fairly common libray, and I'm surprised it doesn't work on 14.04 (at least on my 14.04 install):

    Go to the demos and click-and-drag the bubbly scrollbar,...
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    Proprietary Tax Format??

    Recently I read in a tax instruction booklet that one can mail in tax forms as a 2d barcode, instead of the normal printed fill-out form, to have it processed much faster. When I read up on this, it...
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    Re: Buying Ubuntu Tablet

    I wouldn't be surprised - I emailed them a question about the tablet and they gave no response.

    Their checkout system is Paypal, too.
  22. [ubuntu] Anyone else noticing problems with custom url schemes?

    I was testing 14.10 earlier and noticed that urls that would normally open external application wouldn't operate correctly.

    Has anyone else been noticing this problem? I just tested again on...
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    Re: How bad is "Shellshock"

    From what I understand, it is a bad vulnerability if you use the ancient CGI web system, or anything else that lets untrusted input into bash?
  24. Re: Any possibility of Ubuntu-touch Moto-g or similar? Or GP Revolution?

    That's Firefox OS, which is limited to html-apps only right now :( Good find though, that might be fun to try.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Dell XPS 15 (L521X) - Audio Jack for Line-In

    Here's an Alsa-info run for XPS 15 L521X:

    !!ALSA Information Script v 0.4.63
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