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    [all variants] Re: Add snort sensors to snorby

    I hope you have gotten an answer by now, but just to be sure you get this solved let me see if I can help.

    Look at barnyard2.conf, mine is located (/usr/local/snort/etc/) you need to set the...
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    [ubuntu] Server MySQL Permission advice

    I need to read up on MySQL permissions so I better understand and get them set correctly, the only two I'm 100% sure of is to not grant privileges and not to create users, I know you have to give...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: vlc automatically opens when drives are mounted

    Your my hero tonight!
    I thought it would take hours to dig this solution up, what a silly little annoyance this is!
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    [ubuntu] Re: emerging threat rules & snortsam

    Thanks for the psad + fwsnort tutorial, I need to give that a try, although I don't seem to be under rouge attacks at the moment, but I'm well aware that it could start at any time....
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    [ubuntu] texlive-latex (what is this for?)

    ClamAV don't like this file, it's coming up as a virus, it appears to have installed this weekend since I've been messing with snort, base, & snortsam.

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    [ubuntu] emerging threat rules & snortsam

    When I upgraded to 10.4LT I agreed to something that stopped snort, after days decided to just re-do with new snort version. Used bodhi.zazen's MySql instruction version (which is what I used in the...
  7. [ubuntu] Re: Can desktop home folder point to server files?

    Outstanding solution! Thank you, took a couple hours because I read through a few How-To-Files to get the whole picture. This brings up a new question, if I wanted to replace my home folder on my...
  8. [ubuntu] Can desktop home folder point to server files?

    I was curious if I could have the home folder system from a desktop install point to a set of home folders over on the server? It would streamline my backups and make files a bit more central for...
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    [ubuntu] Java plug in needs fixed

    I just upgraded 3 of my 5 computers to Ubuntu 10.4, went so smooth I couldn't believe it. First upgrade I've ever done with Ubuntu that didn't need extensive research to fix issues... Kudos to...
  10. [ubuntu] Re: .gnupg , .kde, and , gpg hack questions

    Yes, it was a server, and the odd file was in /home, and I'm 200% positive I was hacked. I had files & log ins under a user that wasn't me or my system. They got in via shh and an extremely week...
  11. [all variants] Re: What virus scanner program should I install?

    I use clamAV I think it's in the repositories. sudo apt-get install clamav (but double check this)

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    [ubuntu] Re: How do I stop those password requests

    I think I can help with the wireless/keyring, seems to be a glitch, I had the same issue with my son's computer. Run all your updates then go to keyrings and delete the wireless one that is currently...
  13. [ubuntu] .gnupg , .kde, and , gpg hack questions

    My machine was hacked over the summer and I did some poking around before I re-installed everything. I'm on vacation this week and I found a list of things I meant to ask the wise Ubuntu security...
  14. [ubuntu] Re: Bacula-Help with which files to back up

    Oh my gosh, I need to clone too? This thought never even crossed my mind. Can Clonezilla get a whole server on a CD/DVD?
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    [ubuntu] Re: uninstall openoffice on ubuntu server

    I just checked, and I don't have any of those packages in/on my server.(I'm using 8.10) Something with the upgrade probably added those packages. One awesome thing about Ubuntu is that it will only...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Need Jinzora advice

    cmileto, Thank you for the reply..I REALLY like the look and feel of Jinzora, I'm just afraid nobody is no longer working on it. I had to fix the playlist buttons my self, which took days to figure...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Static IP and DNS

    At home when I'm behind my router all I have to do is type in the name of the computer/server and /filename. I would personally rename the file ajax then use http://myserver/ajax. As for internal...
  18. [ubuntu] Bacula-Help with which files to back up

    I got my 1T storage unit for Christmas and I got Bacula all connected up and talking to the new unit and the desktops that I am planning on backing up. I'm assuming I only need to grab the home...
  19. [ubuntu] Re: All sound stopped with pulse updates-ubuntu 9.10

    Never mind, seemed to be my fault not the update. I removed all the packages I installed...just not sure which one caused the issue. I will have to re-install one at a time and test to see which...
  20. [ubuntu] All sound stopped with pulse updates-ubuntu 9.10

    Yesterday my darling 13 year old ran his updates I saw the word pulse and before I could say wait he hit install and sound is now gone. It has been 3 weeks since I installed 9.10 for him and the...
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    [ubuntu] Need Bacula advise

    After a long 4 days of errors and trouble shooting I finally got it installed and ran the tests, which all went well. Now I'm looking at these tests and they created some rather large files which...
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    [ubuntu] Jinzora and Jukebox/MPD problem

    I had this working in the past before I had to do a reinstall due to a hack on my server. Anyway, for some reason MPD and the Jukebox won't load songs when I choose them, it just sits at stopped. ...
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    [SOLVED] Re: The Noobie And The Missing Desktop

    Silly question, but is grub coming up, can you still boot to Windows? Are you getting the log in splash screen?
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    [ubuntu] Re: Rotating the screen

    If your looking for the cube thing have a look at these directions.
  25. Thread: Lost bar

    by Lori700698

    [ubuntu] Re: Lost bar

    Try this, my mother can't seem to quit deleting hers so I bookmarked this.
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