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    [ubuntu] TwinView option Greyed out? [SOLVED]

    Fresh install of Intrepid with dual monitors (19" and 22") with dual 8600GTs. I installed the 177 drivers broke X but that was fixed by specifying which card to use. Now, i had TwinView working great...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: Only can get a command prompt after installing Nvidia 177.80 drivers

    Add me to the list. re-installed Intrepid (32bit) about 12 times, tried many different ways to install the Nvidia drivers. Every one results in a broken X (error: no devices detected and no screens...
  3. [kubuntu] DMraid - Sil raid set - uses wrong signature

    I have Kubuntu 8,04 installed on my desktop. I have two WD 160GB hard drives in a RAID 0 stripe on the SiL chipset (which works fine in Windoze). however, dmraid sees 1 of the 2 drives as having TWO...
  4. [kubuntu] BlueProximity - KDE session locking commands

    Ok, im working on getting Blue Proximity to work well on my laptop. i have it interfaced with my phone and it detects the distance and all that. what my issue is, is i cant find the correct commands...
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    [kubuntu] Screensaver interleaf flicker

    Ok, i have a fresh install of Hardy on my HP laptop (zv6000, ATI 200M graphics) and have just about everything working. Compiz works well but when the Open GL screensaver (euphoria) starts it...
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