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  1. Re: Ubuntu Home Users Security (friendly) Discussion

    NICE Ubuntu Mate 20.04 eBook! I just found the eBook (you may already be aware of it), "Using Ubuntu MATE and Its Applications Ubuntu MATE 20.04 LTS Edition", at:...
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    Re: HOME Ubuntu Usesrs

    I hope not, the older I get, the bigger screen I want, lol.

    I'm still that guy. I've found Ubuntu to be a good remedy for many seniors with old computers no longer working (who can't afford...
  3. Re: Ubuntu Home Users Security (friendly) Discussion

    WOW, AWESOME REPLY! Your response is more like a Ubuntu CyberSecurity Wiki or HOWTO!
    I guess my thoughts on using an Antivirus are more along the lines of: ...
  4. Re: Ubuntu Home Users Security (friendly) Discussion


    Quote: [I understand that your intentions are entirely noble, but I am obligated to point out that there is an element of magic thinking in your claims. They erroneously treat security...
  5. Re: Ubuntu Home Users Security (friendly) Discussion

    Thank you! Got it.
  6. Re: Ubuntu Home Users Security (friendly) Discussion

    Thank you. I have changed my username to Qassis. LUV this forum!
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    User Name Change

    I login with Ubuntu One. I changed my (old) email here to match my Ubuntu One email.
    I would like to change my User name here, currently HollyGroveUMC (my profile name?). I would like to change it...
  8. Re: Ubuntu Home Users Security (friendly) Discussion

    Message on top of my post says,
    [Hello HollyGroveUMC, this sub-forum is for chat, not support hence the name. If you need technical help, please post in an appropriate support sub-forum ].
  9. Ubuntu Home Users Security (friendly) Discussion

    I am aware this post to my fellow Home Ubuntu users may be anathema (a very bad sin) to many, but it is necessary IMHO at this time.
    I hope to begin an ongoing "Home Ubuntu User's security...
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    HOME Ubuntu Usesrs

    Fellow Home Ubuntu Users, Hello (and everyone else),
    I've been using Linux since about 1992. I'm a home user today, not an IT professional.
    I started my *nix learning with Solaris Unix at work...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Forgotten password, can't get to Desktop

    Step-by-Step HOWTO recover password: Hope it helps if not already fixed.
  12. Re: I feel unsafe using network facing app without Firejail .... What about you ?

    I'm WITH YOU! I use Firetools (GUI for Firejail) with all APPs that don't need to have access to my drive or other (for some apps I use firejail to keep them off the network). For example, I use...
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    Re: interesting read about linux security

    Great article, thanks for sharing. Currently I use Lynis, Firetools/Firejail, ClamAV/ClamTK, and GUFW/UFW on my home Linux Box, each of which does NOT require the user to be a Linux System...
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    Re: Installing Lynis screwed up me pc

    Great answers. As far as I can see, Lynis update required full update, not just signature files as in anti-virus programs. Is that correct; reinstall for each update? Thank you.
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    Re: Installing Lynis screwed up me pc

    HOW did you install your Lynis? I installed from the Synaptic Package Manager, then ran "sudo lynis audit system". It gave and still gives me a GREAT report and recommendations, but makes no...
  16. Thank you Ubuntu Forums and those who post here!

    Thank you Ubuntu Forums and those who post here! I've been searching this forum for answers for years and almost always find the answer I need quickly.
    Today, during one of my brain-dead moments...
  17. [SOLVED] Re: How do I Sync a Local Folder to a Local Folder?

    Pvanryn, this solution may not meet the requester's need but it sure was a good suggestion that meets mine.
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    Securing Ubuntu 18.04 Guest Sessions

    Purpose of this post:
    Until Ubuntu fixes guest sessions for 18.04 I'd like to open a running discussion on what we (Ubuntu users/community) can do to tighten security for guest session.
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    Re: Why to change to U18-LTS?

    On my home computer I changed to 18.04 for fun and to play with it (tweak, learn, etc.).
    On other boxes I've left 16.04 LTS because it has a secure, guest sessions (guest account) whereas 18.04 does...
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    Re: boot time cut in half by removing snap

    Is very tempting but I use canonical-livepatch (source snap store). I don't see it on Synaptic Package Manager (Ubuntu 18.04 LTS).
    I think I'm stuck w/ snap....
  21. [ubuntu] Re: SCAP Workbench Security Guide for Ubuntu 18.04

    Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I've got those (and others) but am getting errors when running SCAP Workbench in 18.04.
    Is that pkg (github link) working for you in 18.04?
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    [all variants] Re: Bionic Beaver Userlist

    Have you already added hidden-users to /etc/lightdm/users.conf
    Here's mine (Ubuntu 18.04) without hidden users.

    # User accounts configuration
    # NOTE: If you have AccountsService...
  23. Re: Ubuntu Guest account(with other name) user in 18.04

    Ubuntu 18.04 Guest Account is NOT secure. Enabling and using the current version of guest sessions that comes with Ubuntu 18.04 may give some a false sense of security.
    Current Security Issues...
  24. [ubuntu] SCAP Workbench Security Guide for Ubuntu 18.04

    I have not been able to find an Ubuntu 18.04 SCAP Security Guide.
    Is anyone using SCAP Workbench or OpenSCAP with Ubuntu 18.04?
    If so, please point me to the SCAP Security Guide. Others (i.e....
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    [SOLVED] no sound emachine w4620 w/ Ubuntu 9.10

    RESOLVED! Fixed!
    Issue: No sound! Sound wouldn't work on a W4620 emachine with an
    ATI Technologies Inc IXP SB400 AC'97 Audio Controller after upgrading to Ubuntu 9.10.

    Very simple solution: ...
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