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    [ubuntu] Re: Problem after upgrade to 9.04

    Thanks, both of your suggestions were right on the mark! By adding compiz to startup at login time, it's all fixed again!!
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    [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Problem after upgrade to 9.04

    I just upgraded my work laptop to 9.04. First thing I noticed is that all the window decorations are gone (i.e.: title bar, maximize, minimize, and kill buttons, window frame, etc) ... it's as if...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: How do I restore the Applications Menu to the bar?

    Thanks! I figured it would be something easy to fix. The funny thing is, I did right-click, and add-to-panel, about a dozen times and must of over-looked both the "Main Menu" and "Menu Bar" options...
  4. [ubuntu] How do I restore the Applications Menu to the bar?

    Looks like I did something rather stupid. I seem to have accidentally removed my Applications/Places/System menus from the launcher bar ... is there an easy way to put them back?
  5. [ubuntu] Re: How to Connect vino-server to listening vncviewer?

    No, I'm very much aware of Remote Desktop (aka vino) and have been using it on my own systems for some time as well as have customers turn it on when needed. The question is about having vino (aka...
  6. [ubuntu] How to Connect vino-server to listening vncviewer?

    I routinely use VNC to support clients who reside behind NAT'd connections. For windows machines, this has not been a problem, because they can use VNC server's "Add new client" option to initiate...
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    [ubuntu] Easy Video Screen Capture?

    A dentist friend of mine has been slowing converting the PCs in his office from XP to Ununtu. This works fine for most of the workstations, but one of them is connected to an Interoral camera for...
  8. [ubuntu] Re: Hardy Updates whacked restricted drivers?!?

    Thanks for the suggestions. I did finally get it fixed by following the hints found here, which was a very similar problem.

    So I guess this indicates that there may still be a dependency...
  9. [ubuntu] RESOLVED: Hardy Updates whacked restricted drivers?!?

    I ran updates last night for Hardy, and now the three restricted drivers (sound, wifi, & modem) have disappeared and I can't seem to get them to come back. After removing/reinstalling a number of...
  10. Re: HowTo: Compiz Fusion in Hardy on cards with "ati"/"radeon" open source drivers

    I don't know if this helps anyone or not, but as I was trouble-shooting getting compiz to work (along with resolving the "Desktop effects could not be enabled" when switching from None to Normal...
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