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  1. Can't login after installing lxqt-metapackage on Trisquel Mini.

    Hey, so I wanted to use the LXQt desktop environment on Trisquel Mini, so I installed lxqt-metapackage.

    Now what happens is it asks for my username, then my password, then my username again, then...
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    Use wireless network as ad hoc?

    Hey, so I connect my laptop to the internet with Wi-Fi, not ethernet, but I still want to use my laptop for ad hoc. Why, you ask? Apparently if you have a wireless, unencrypted network with the...
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    Re: Really weird Wi-Fi problems!

    bump. Anyone gonna help?
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    Really weird Wi-Fi problems!

    Okay, so I'm running Joli OS, & everything was working fine until 1 day my internet access stopped working. Even with the wireless turned on, half the time it wouldn't find wireless networks & half...
  5. [wubi] Restore WUBI after installing Windows 8 Dev Preview?

    The fact that Windows 8 will now have its own GUI bootloader, Metro-styled no less, I personally find amazing, but not if it breaks Ubuntu & Joli OS' versions of WUBI. (Yes Joli OS has its own...
  6. [ubuntu] Re: Fix this without using the command line?

    Great news! Plan A worked! :KS NOTE: For anyone with problem of a corrupt package breaking their whole package system, the, "status," file needs to be opened as root unless you want to save it...
  7. [ubuntu] Re: Fix this without using the command line?

    Thanks,I think I'll try that as Plan B.

    Plan A will be this, with just opening the, "sources," file in gedit, from gedit, rather than opening it in gedit, from the Terminal:
  8. [ubuntu] Re: Fix this without using the command line?

    All, "gksudo nautilus" seems to do is open Nautilus as root...
  9. [ubuntu] Re: Fix this without using the command line?

    I didn't. Although I am also a Longhorn Linux developer, (in contrast to being the head of the OS I'm basing off of it,) other dev(s) did.

    And thanks, I'll try when I get home. (Which won't be...
  10. [ubuntu] Fix this without using the command line?

    Hi, I'm MASTER260! I'm new here, so I might as well introduce myself. I've used many Ubuntu derivatives I've worked on, except not Ubuntu itself since the 9.04 days. (I remember using XPGnome in...
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