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  1. Re: How many days can i keep my PC on at a stretch?

    these are all from person experance..

    WIndows XP 28 days MAX ( memory gets full and does not empty)

    windows vista 3 days MAX ( machine runs like a dog but everything looks good)

    Ubuntu 7.04...
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    Poll: Re: Linux To Take Over The Low-End PC Market?

    I would love for linux to take over the low end PC market.. but as of last week i think I would have to say that the low end PC market is NOT where Linux belongs or will work..

    The reason I say...
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    Re: First Computer you had

    My first computer back in the early 90's was a dicksmith electronics thing, the person who bought it never knew hpw to use it so she was going to throw it out. SO she gave it to me , it had a tape...
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    Re: Using Bluetooth GPS

    i seem to have hit a snag, bluez-pin does not seem to be in the repos anymore and any searching i have done has told me thats its obsolete. when i try spdtool ......... it just tells me that its not...
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    Re: Does anybody have any idea what time it is?

    the question maybe "Does anybody have any idea what time it is?" but what you should really be asking is if you have the time to tell the time... my answer to that question is

    TIME OUT!!!

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    Re: The true cost of linux.

    My work bought 10 new IBM desktops and laptops running windows vista.. these machines cost over $2000AU each.. The first desktop I setup to work with our domain and all related in-house systemsand...
  7. Re: Howto Easy FuseSMB - access Samba shares from ALL programs. - automatic access to

    thanks for the guide.. I was about to move all my mp3's to my linux box. but this saves a lot of hassle. my only problems now is I can see my shared folders on my winblows machines but I can not see...
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    Re: Comprehensive Sound Problem Solutions Guide

    I have just installed unbuntu today and I have a few sound issues, the first is sound works ok until I adjust the volume, then it just stops. I have to stop all sound and keep moving the volume...
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