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    [ubuntu] Re: Dual Layer DVD burning issue

    Okay, it took me a few days to find a non-Memorex dual layer dvd. No one had anything but Memorex DL in the stores and I had to order from Amazon.

    I just successfully wrote a full sized dual...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Dual Layer DVD burning issue

    it's been a while since I was looking at this... just came across this thread:

    I was testing mine remotely (with the wife putting dvds...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Dual Layer DVD burning issue

    I am no help whatsoever... but listening quietly for any replies. I've had issues burning dual layer DVDs on ubuntu since I can remember. I had written it off as a problem with my old hardware. ...
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    [ubuntu] Re: lucid upstart debugging

    yeah, the thought has occurred to me... but the entire reason I switched to ubuntu was the LTS release cycle. If I reload, it will probably be to CentOS.
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    [ubuntu] lucid upstart debugging

    I am desperately in search of a clue.

    I have a lucid server (10.04.2 LTS) that was updated from a 8.04 LTS server some time ago. After the update, it worked fine. At some point in time I began...
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    Re: ubuntu 10.04 - Suspend, Hibernate not working

    I believe there are multiple causes and multiple solutions here... but, for those of you running ATI, maybe this will help.

    I went through every possible solution in this thread. Then, like an...
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    [ubuntu] Re: fglrx X server crash on logout

    Anyone that has this problem on <9.10 tried the 9.10 restricted drivers?

    I've booted this laptop with the 9.10 live cd and it seems to work... but you can't really turn up the built-in restricted...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Lock screen not working in Karmic

    Ok, I have a confession before I answer: I absolutely can't stand gnome-screensaver. It's basically xscreensaver that has been dumbed down and (sometimes) broken.

    One of the first things I always...
  9. [ubuntu] Re: Firefox crash while browsing Cisco ACS webgui

    Karmic/9.10 update on this:

    No firefox crash... but it doesn't seem to work still. I get a blank browser screen after login.
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    [ubuntu] odd mplayer stutter

    I have a mp3 jukebox streaming on my local LAN. The streaming server also has a tie into my stereo and plays a constant 24/7 stream using mplayer. The odd issue will come up after...
  11. [gnome] Re: Transfer files from linux to sony ericsson cellphones

    No worky for me: w760a, ubuntu 8.10 2.6.27.

    I don't get a /dev entry at all. dmesg says:
    [ 1828.844643] usb 3-1: new high speed USB device using ehci_hcd and address 3
    [ 1828.981067] usb 3-1:...
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    [ubuntu] fglrx X server crash on logout

    This is driving me nuts. I've filed a bug report, but if anyone can help me sort out what's going on, I'd be forever thankful.

    What's Happening: everything seems normal... but when I log out, X...
  13. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu Intrepid no keyboard or touchpad after suspend

    I had issues with every single suspend. On wakeup, it came back to life but lost mouse/kbd. I could ssh in and it was working fine.

    I've probably only tested suspend 2 times since the fix was...
  14. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu Intrepid no keyboard or touchpad after suspend

    Doh. Not only had I not tried it, I totally didn't even see it when I was perusing the thread.

    It does fix it for me... though still leaves me absolutely confused.

    I don't seem to have an...
  15. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu Intrepid no keyboard or touchpad after suspend

    I have the same issue... with a few differences.

    a) slight hardware differences:
    HP dv7 family.
    ATI HD 3200
    most recent drivers from ATI (catalyst 9.1/8.573)
    b) no errors...
  16. [ubuntu] Okay, I totally don't understand NetworkManager

    I'm being stupid. I'm being dense.

    Here's the long story... skip to the end if you just want to see the question.

    I set up wireless on my new laptop. The first iteration, I just did it by...
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    [all variants] Camera timeout/poweroff

    I know the answer to this is out there... I've just not found the right google search terms yet.

    This is sort of a trivial irritation of mine: Up until about 9 months ago I used fedora linux --...
  18. [ubuntu] Re: Not sure if I have a problem or dont understand...

    Okay, I solved it. (By "I solved it" I am pretty much copping out and almost lying. What I really mean is: "I narrowed it down enough to get around it.") But I'll post the summary here for future...
  19. [ubuntu] Re: Not sure if I have a problem or dont understand...

    ifconfig -a gives expected results.... but networking doesnt work. I.e, unable to ping a host on the local network.

    I notice it in several startup scripts.

    I have one startup script that...
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    [all variants] Re: Outgoing port num X to incoming port num Y

    I'll go out on a limb and say no. Not unless there is a router in the middle that you control that can manipulate this.

    That is like saying "I want to knock on my neighbor's door, but when they...
  21. [ubuntu] Not sure if I have a problem or dont understand...

    Okay, I am a long time linux/unix user, but a newbie for ubuntu.

    I am seeing what I think is weird stuff happening during a boot of a newly installed ubuntu desktop. Note: I also have an ubuntu...
  22. [ubuntu] Re: amanda: tape operations give "invalid argument"

    some kind soul on a different forum gave me the answer, so this is just a followup to pass this on to anyone else needing it.

    add to tapetype in amanda.conf:
    readblocksize 32
  23. [ubuntu] amanda: tape operations give "invalid argument"

    This is driving me nuts...

    Ok, I have done a recent migration from Fedora to Ubuntu 8.04. I moved my existing amanda backups to the Ubuntu server. So far so good.

    But all tape operations via...
  24. [ubuntu] installing perl modules not in repository

    I am a ubuntu beginner, but long time unix user.

    I have a new hardy ubuntu server and am trying to fold some needed perl libraries into it.

    I thought i could do:
    sudo dh-make-perl --install...
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    [xfce] gui ppp dialer with custom command - xfce

    I am a longtime unix user -- but I am using ubuntu (8.04) for the first time.

    What I am trying to do is do dialup ppp with some form of GUI and be able to customize the connection with some form...
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