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  1. Scripting mass directory rename/move

    Sample tree of my current music folder:

    ├── Albert King - Born Under a Bad Sign
    │ ├── 01 Born Under A Bad Sign.m4a
    │ ├── 02 Crosscut Saw.m4a
    │ ├── 03 Kansas City.m4a
    │ ├── 04 Oh,...
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    Re: Shotwell has mixed up my photos.

    I've had this issue before and if I remember correctly, I found a folder in ~/.cache/shotwell (not sure I'm not in front of my pc) and deleted everything in there. I then opened shotwell and it...
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    Mutt with Gmail and local mail

    I've googled for the past few days, and none of it is clear to me.

    I have my gmail working well in mutt. But I run some cron jobs, apt changelogs, and fail2ban services that send emails to root. ...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: File manager fonts and window themes are not working after upgrade to Ubuntu 14.0

    If I reboot, and wait a few minutes before logging in, everything looks great. :confused:

    Definately something going on. Surprised its not that many people.......
  5. Re: My themes and icons change automatically to default

    I have a related issue myself. The theme looks old school like your screen shot. However if I reboot, and wait a few minutes before logging in, everything looks great. Interested to hear your...
  6. Re: Maintain desktop theme across various users

    Use /etc/skel
  7. [ubuntu] Re: File manager fonts and window themes are not working after upgrade to Ubuntu 14.0

    What I've found so far:

    I installed and played around with Cairo Dock, logged back into unity, and some of the fonts were different.

    So if I:

    unity --replace

    Now all the fonts/themes...
  8. [ubuntu] Re: File manager fonts and window themes are not working after upgrade to Ubuntu 14.0

    Same problem here. Firefox has an ugly theme for a bit as well. That seems to go away after a few seconds, but the small ugly fonts never go away. Also, the Unity top panel has small ugly fonts. ...
  9. [ubuntu] Re: Remote login to GUI - is it possible?

    Seems to me to be the best, fastest option.
  10. Bash script and using multiple cores

    What I have is hundreds of folders worth of files. Some files are plain text, some are rtf, some xls, doc, docx, etc. One file may be duplicated in multiple sub-folders. I need to generate a list...
  11. Re: Can I degrade preformance for particular users?
  12. [ubuntu] Re: Looking for assistance for home media server setup

    I'd look into Debian GNU/kFreeBSD

    Basically it's Debian with all of the packages it has with the free bsd kernel that supports ZFS natively.

    I'm not...
  13. [SOLVED] Re: how to ensure that nobody will connect on my comp via ssh?

    First, only allow key based ssh logins:

    Second, modify your ssh configuration file to only allow certain users to log in and deny users like...
  14. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu online accounts - cannot add facebook

    sudo nano /usr/share/accounts/providers/facebook.provider

    add this line:

    <setting name="AllowedSchemes" type="as">['https','http']</setting>

    right after this line:

  15. Re: ?_Make current user a member of Vboxusers Group - USB does not work

    I've never had to mess with fstab for USB access to vbox.

    sudo usermod -a -G vboxusers bill

    will add user 'bill' to the vboxusers group.

    You'll have to log out, and back in.

    at a...
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    Re: Nautilus in 13.04

    Yeah, that was pretty stupid.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Invoice Software

    If your computer/processor is anything less than 5 or so years old, and you have a valid windows xp license and install disk, I'd use virtualbox and create a windows xp virtual machine. Much better...
  18. [ubuntu] Re: how to get html pages to appear from /localhost/~username directory

    You probably can start with:

    sudo a2enmod userdir

    And adding yourself to www-data group.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Trouble Navigating in Terminal

    You can't 'cd /network' because there is no such directory.

    You are in /etc.

    / is the starting point, root directory. /etc is the etc directory in the / directory.

    if you were in /etc, and...
  20. [ubuntu] Re: Copy code from webpage to Ubuntu server?

    use wget to download the page?

    use lynx or w3m to browse in a terminal?
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    [ubuntu] Re: How to rename multiple files.



    for f in *.eml
    mv "$f" 123_$i.eml
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    [ubuntu] Re: Need good graphical editor
  23. [ubuntu] Re: Finding a comment or directive I've used in a file

    Use grep.

    grep -r -I 'string you're searching for' /*

    That will search starting at '/' recursively through all files, ignoring binary files. It will take a while.

    If you remember which...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Suggestions for Ubuntu server

    Ubuntu server is command line only. No GUI. Makes it much more lightweight, and less prone to bugs, crashes, and security issues. If you need a GUI, I'd use a more lightweight distro, lubuntu...
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    Re: Gnome 2 for Windows 7?

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