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  1. [ubuntu] Re: (How)can i use full ram in live mode as system drive?

    My advice is don't bother. I say this because
    * You have to have a hard system drive to store the system when powered down, so any RAM based system drive you have will just be a cached copy of the...
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    Re: Public IP Account Credentials Error

    Some more details might help.
    1: Is Ubuntu the server (as opposed to the client)?
    2: Using your private / public address: Is this changing the address you are connecting to (as opposed to the...
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    Re: How to pin openssh from 'eoan' in 'bonic'

    My mistake. I thought this thread was about security updates.

    Yes, for new features, you need a newer release version, as you are trying to do. I'm afraid that porting a newer release package to...
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    Re: How to pin openssh from 'eoan' in 'bonic'

    I had a quick look, and both releases have changes logged for the same two 2019 CVE vulnerabilities - CVE-2019-6111 and CVE-2019-6109.
    Two vulnerability fixes in both for 2018 - CVE-2018-15473 and...
  5. [xubuntu] Re: [tcpdump] how to find which PID sent a UDP datagram

    My guess is that you will find that the program sending the packets is dnsmasq : the domain name resolver process. Figuring out which process is trying to resolve the name into an IP address will...
  6. Re: How to copy one file to multiple sibling folders using the terminal?

    Or if you want to use symlinks instead of making actual file copies - retain one copy of the file and link to it from many places - whether you want to do this depends on your application:

    for dir...
  7. [ubuntu] Re: 18.04 How to repair BTRFS partitions from a live CD?

    Glad to see you got it running.
    For other readers, I think a lot of the problems in this thread were caused by trying to refer to the /dev/* device file. But a lot of the btrfs commands require the...
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    Re: Linux Ubuntu 19.4 Not Showing All RAM

    It is my understanding that free does not show the memory that the OS itself is using - only what remains after loading the base OS.
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    [ubuntu] Re: iptables.rules

    That subnet mask looks wrong to me. perhaps, giving you from .8 to .15 (probably .9-.14 usable)?
  10. [SOLVED] Re: Access all drives of Windows 10 through Ubuntu 16.04

    You really need to identify the right partitions to mount.
    There's no lsblkid command - try this instead - should help:

    lsblk -o name,size,type,fstype,mountpoint
  11. Re: the meeting has been moved forward by 2 days

    I have recently been to a few meetings where people talk of events moving to the right. e.g. "If process x has unexpected problems then the release date may have to move to the right." This has...
  12. Re: the meeting has been moved forward by 2 days

    I would interpret moving it forwards as making it earlier. From Wednesday to Monday (or to the preceding Friday if only counting weekdays).
    Equally, moving it backwards would be delaying it, making...
  13. Re: the meeting has been moved forward by 2 days

    What's the catch?
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    [ubuntu] Re: command for comparing 2 files

    Personally, I would use meld. And if there's no GUI on the machine in question, I would copy the files back to a machine that does have a GUI, and then use meld.
  15. Re: A French court has ruled that Valve should allow people to re-sell their digital

    It doesn't give you copyright so you can't manufacture copies, but for CDs, books, records (vinyl and shellac), tapes, jigsaws, photographs, jewellery, commemorative plates, designer dresses etc. you...
  16. [SOLVED] Re: How do I make (file name) date based sequential files?

    Can you clarify the file name? "McDonald-18/04/19" describes a file with name "19" in a folder called "04" in a parent folder called "McDonald-18".
    Maybe your editor doesn't like multiple files all...
  17. Re: CryptData's enforced password key; so secure, you can't change it!

    As I understand your post, the OS has been installed with full disk encryption, and you want to remove it so as not to have to enter the password every time you boot. I've never undone full disk...
  18. [SOLVED] Re: How to restart ssh service in kubuntu 18

    systemctl should recognise both ssh and sshd as service names. Are you sure ssh is installed? sudo apt install openssh-server.
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    Re: sed scalability

    Glad that helped. Please read #8 from TheFu. Like him, the idea of doing in-place edits makes me nervous, proportional to the square of the number of files to edit in one go.

    I would always echo...
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    Re: sed scalability

    Grep prints the files, does not re-write them. Not suitable for your purpose

    The exec on find is a bit peculiar, the {} that it replaces with the filename has special meaning to bash, so it need...
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    Re: 1 Computer 2 Networks 1 IP address

    If they are separate networks (not connected to each other), then no. It would not know which interface to send out on, because they are both on the same network in IP terms (same address space)....
  22. [SOLVED] Re: Need IPTABLES rules explanation about OpenVPN set up

    Yes. As you have discovered, it is opened by the script that runs as OpenVPN comes up. And some NAT rules are added too.

    Remember, ufw is just a tool for simplifying configuration of iptables....
  23. Re: Can't create more than 1 new partition on SSD with Win10, free space marked"unusa

    If it were me, I would delete sda3 and replace it with an extended partition that uses all the space between sda2 and sda4. Then you can create a few logical partitions (they number sda5 upwards and...
  24. [lubuntu] Re: 18.04 LTS x64: for approx. a minute after boot, cannot connect to server on same

    Nice one, Doug S.
    DF is Do-not-Fragment. Routers should not cut the packet into smaller segments when forwarding.

    Protocol 2 (IGMP) is Internet Group Management Protocol - it's the router...
  25. Re: can someone explain this regular expression?

    The question marks are in two places.
    The one in (?: starts a group, but the ?: says it's non-capturing, i.e. it doesn't get listed in the list of group contents.
    The one after the groups say that...
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