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  1. Re: remote desktop XRDP LXDE (GDBUS.Error: org.freedesktop.PolicyKit1.Error.Failed)

    I'm having this same issue and have been since I installed XRDP on Lubuntu. Given that this seems to be related to authenticating the session I think this is also why tasks that require elevation...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Can't open Symlinks?

    I'm an idiot - got it this time. I had assumed the folder was just the tar with the extension removed. That'll teach me to pay more attention next time, thank you!!
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    [SOLVED] Can't open Symlinks?

    I've just been installing Universal Media Server with some help from this guide. One of the steps mentioned is to create a symlink from /opt/ums to /opt/UMS-5.3.0-Java7 but when I do this, the icon...
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    Re: cannot log out of Remote desktop session

    I installed xrdp on my Lubuntu server about 2 years ago now and in that time have never had this working properly.

    When I login everything appears fine, but when I click whatever the 'start' menu...
  5. [lubuntu] Re: Update Manager doesn't prompt for password, won't install updates

    Right, I have confirmed that this only happens when logging on over Remote Desktop - it works fine when I'm logged in on the box itself (i.e. I get the "To install updated software, you need to...
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    Request Version Change

    Can you change the Ubuntu version in my profile to Lubuntu 12.04 please?
  7. [lubuntu] Re: Update Manager doesn't prompt for password, won't install updates

    I'd just restarted the machine at this point, and had only logged on through Remote Desktop the once, so I don't think there were multiple Update Managers open (nobody else uses the server but me).
  8. [lubuntu] Update Manager doesn't prompt for password, won't install updates

    I'm having problems with Update Manager. My set up is Lubuntu 12.04 (running on a headless HP Microserver). It sits in another room and I log into it mostly over SSH and Remote Desktop from a...
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    [xfce] Re: Update manager doesn't ask for password

    I'm having a similar but different problem.

    Update Manager doesn't ask for a password but then doesn't update anything after I click Install Updates!

    I have to open a terminal and run

  10. [lubuntu] update-manager not prompting for authorisation, won't install updates

    Not sure why this is happening but I did a fresh install of Lubuntu 12.04 the other day, and for some reason update-manager seems to be broken.

    I get messages flashing up telling me there are...
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    [lubuntu] Re: Can't See the Internet!

    Never mind - turns out I had screwed up the networking in the router config. I'd added a MAC filter which, since the default is to allow everything, blocked traffic from my server's IP.

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    [lubuntu] Can't See the Internet!


    I'm running Lubuntu 12.04 on a HP Proliant Microserver, but I don't think this is specifically a Linux issue.

    My server can't see the internet. At all!

    I CAN
    * Ping/access local...
  13. [ubuntu] Re: Xrdp works for RDP w/o prelaunched vncserver!!

    Thanks for this! Changing as described helped fix my issue where I was just getting a blank (grey) screen with an X cursor when I logged in.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Remote Desktop won't load completely

    I'm having the same problem.

    Can't get TightVNC to connect at all, and when using RDC I can only get to a blank desktop. No icons down the left, no dash, no taskbar (or whatever the Ubuntu...
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