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    [SOLVED] Re: Noob - Kernel development

    What kind of kernel development? Linux kernel? Or are you ambitious enough to develop your own kernel?

    Regardless of what kind, my suggestion would be to get very familiar with operating system...
  2. Re: How to multithread wget i times in one command line?

    I'm going to go out here on a limb and say if wget doesn't provide the functionality to do that, then you will just have to write a wrapper for this functionality.

    I'd probably write a small bash...
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    Re: C++ Jaunty -> Windows

    If it is absolutely necessary, I use Dev-C++ in windows for making windows executables. It's rather easy to install if you have not checked it out already.

    The homepage is here:...
  4. Re: really stupid perl question...logical or

    As far as my understanding of Perl is, that double bars || means "boolean or", while single bars | means "bitwise or". Secondly, you cannot compress the boolean "or" line. That's just the way it is.
  5. [ubuntu] Re: Move everything (inc OS) to another int hard drive

    or you can try to use the LiveCD to copy things over. That might work as well.
  6. [ubuntu] Re: Move everything (inc OS) to another int hard drive

    My initial guess would be (and suggest confirmation from another person if not another idea) is to log in recovery mode (command line only) and copy everything over, then remove the smaller hard...
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    Re: Java Digits

    As noted in tinny's post, he suggested "painting". In which case the easiest way of doing this would be to find a font file online from somewhere and somehow incorporate it into your project.
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    Re: [C++] excel files?

    I don't know of any, but I know OpenOffice is able to open excel files. Also OpenOffice is open source. So if you really needed to get access to excel files and had the time to sift through the...
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    Re: C math library's pi is missing

    500 decimal places??? Dear god that is a lot for a calculation. Nonetheless, has the original poster tried to integrate ruby into his project??

    The ruby language has the ability to convert large...
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    Re: help with HTML's pre tag

    Ok, that worked perfectly. For the record, this is what I will be using:

    $COURSE = "HIST/STS::151";
    $BODY = $_GET['body'];
    function println( $str )
    echo $str . "\n";
    if( $BODY ==...
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    [SOLVED] help with HTML's pre tag

    Ok, so I have this code in a PHP script on my server:

    $body = $_GET['body'];
    if( $body == "source" )
    println("<title>Website Source...
  12. Re: I made a resizeable array in C, it works, but with warning. How to stfu the warni

    back at ya ;-)

    Yeah, after my first reply I decided to test my code that I wrote and found that i forgot to include the stdlib.h header. I guess I got "reply" greedy.. :lolflag:
  13. Re: I made a resizeable array in C, it works, but with warning. How to stfu the warni

    Just for the record, crazyfuturamanoob do you know that arrays and pointers are the same thing, only in different notation. Using pointers does not imply that you are using linked lists. However,...
  14. [ubuntu] Re: Does Transmission Bit Torrent Client have/cause "problems"? What ur fave BT Clien

    I use transmission (because of its lack of all the bells and whistles) all the time for my Ubuntu and MacOSX operating systems and to me the only problem I ran into was it will sometimes take a few...
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    Re: download a file from a url in C++

    Have you thought about taking the wget source and trimming it down to what you want? When you say there is a way too much there, do you mean features? Or too much code to understand what is going...
  16. Re: I made a resizeable array in C, it works, but with warning. How to stfu the warni

    Haha, silly me... I forgot to include the right header for malloc

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>

    int *testarray = NULL;

    void set_array_size( int size )
  17. Re: I made a resizeable array in C, it works, but with warning. How to stfu the warni

    Give me a few more minutes, and I will be able to refine my code, it seems that my code also give a slightly different warning.
  18. Re: I made a resizeable array in C, it works, but with warning. How to stfu the warni

    Your code might be slightly flawed, thats why you are getting that warning. Basically you are declaring a variable on the stack within the function (ie. the array). Then when you leave the function...
  19. [ubuntu] Re: Can't put files in the trash

    Ok, first it seems like (from my understanding of what you wrote) that you did a fresh install of intrepid and you were never able to send stuff to the trash bin.

    If that is correct, it should...
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    [kubuntu] Re: how do i see my pc's specs in kubuntu

    Not sure if this is what you are talking about, but you could use the lshw command. It can even make the output as an html file.
  21. [ubuntu] Re: Windows on C drive, install Ubuntu on E Drive?

    Also, for the record if you didn't find this out yet, but in Linux, there are no drive letters ie C: or E:, there are mount points. It gets a little confusing, but I think all you really need to...
  22. [ubuntu] Re: Windows on C drive, install Ubuntu on E Drive?

    It sounds like what you want to do is dual boot windows and ubuntu. Basically all you really need to do is set up two partitions, one formatted as ext3 (as big as you want) and one formatted as swap...
  23. [ubuntu] Re: Moving a range of files in a folder with mv command?

    I would agree! Something like what you want to do is perfect for a shell script to handle. Unfortunately I don't have to much experience to really get in depth with this idea, but I know shell...
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    [ubuntu] Re: How can I know what is my swap ?

    Well that's a fun fact! I never knew you could turn on and off the swap space on a whim like that :guitar:
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    Re: Compiling c++ program

    Also, not that this would matter too much on how things will work, but your file seems to have a C file extension (.c), rather than the C++ extension (.cpp). But again, that would not affect your...
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