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    Public DNS question ?

    Got a networking question for anyone Here it goes. I have 2 servers (bare metal). And I want to use google DNs can I configure routing via my router to resolve any local ip (LAN) to resolve to google...
  2. Re: [HowTo] Building a local Mirror for Ubuntu Repositories.

    would it be possible to create a shell script with all commands and instructions for automated server installs

    need a script to set up 12 ubuntu servers as load balancers
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    [SOLVED] Re: Home Network with Ubuntu 12.04 and Windows 7

    Windows 7 requires you to set specific user permissions / Read/ write for every share and also set user name and password for all users on the windows computer

    i have dealt...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Samba shares inaccessable

    You can find samba documetation going to or from terminal type man samba

    There is a wealth of information by just googling too and youtube i found these sources helpfull
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    [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu Server, isp blocking port 80?

    Most Mainstream ISP Block Port 80

    you can check using the below link :

    Look further into dynamic Ip hosting with or to configure a redirect ...
  6. [lubuntu] Re: Unable to delete folders from External HDD.

    these are hidden folder that should be re hidden they are safe and used by the ubuntu os open nautilus and do a control H to get them to disappear or go in to view and toggle the show hidden file...
  7. [ubuntu] Re: Hanging at Blinking Cursor _ on System Boot

    Sounds like the boot loader is working but it is unable to locate the boot sector of the hard drive i have dealt with this before when my bios is not set to the correct hard drive for boot...
  8. [all variants] Re: [SOLVED] Dell Latitude D630 Wireless Networking

    Here Is the solution

    Here is the instructions to instal the 1490 and the 1505 agn Dell wireless in kubuntu this can be technicial but this is what i found works

    Here is...
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    [ubuntu] Re: WLAN light on Dell Latitude D630

    To get the wlan light you have to use the dell driver or follow these instructions

    Here is the instructions to instal the 1490 and the 1505 agn Dell...
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