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  1. [SOLVED] Re: sudo command - unable to fork: Invalid argument

    Check comodo as per link
  2. Re: How to upgrade or patch Python 2.7 Vulnerability

    That version is prior to the latest python2.7 update so won't be installed.
    The current one you have is from "Published on 2019-06-10", the one you think you need is from "Published on 2018-11-13" ...
  3. [SOLVED] Re: sudo command - unable to fork: Invalid argument

    Know nothing about using Ubuntu via windows but maybe read here
  4. [kubuntu] Re: No Wifi, no su/sudo, no USB boot, no clue

    Have you tried
  5. [SOLVED] Re: How can I get VAAPI to work with mesa 19 driver on AMD Raven Ridge?

    Are you using the snap version of ffmpeg? Seems likely, if so then vaapi hw encoding will not work, use the .deb version instead..
  6. Re: Data drive mounts every boot when I do not want it to mount

    I never suggested using udev to mount a drive, only to change one of it's attributes (dev/sdc
    As far as /dev/sde, that was not part of your orig. issue so you caused it's current behavior. It's...
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    [ubuntu] Re: audacious player

    That plugin is long abandoned, it'll no longer work nor be able to be built for recent audacious and Ubuntu.
  8. [SOLVED] Re: Caps lock indicator for Ubuntu unity 19.04

    Maybe try the .deb, it's as old as the git you're getting but should still work. Link down the git page

    Install with apt and also install python-gi...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Sweet Home 3D: how to install?

    Try multiple times, that mirror is slow, eventually it'll work for that .deb of libraries

    (- 18.04 and newer has latest version in repos..
  10. [ubuntu] Re: Is there a way to disable the "clock"/notifications lock screen?

    It seems that's the way Gnome's (gnome-shell) lock screen works. I'd think your option is,

    Go to settings > privacy > Lock Screen, turn automatic lock screen off. (and maybe the rest.
    Then just...
  11. Re: Data drive mounts every boot when I do not want it to mount

    Well /dev/sdc shows the removable attribute 1 (true) so that's why it's automounted and why it gets the eject option.
    How to change this, i.e edit the attributes of a block device?, not sure. (I...
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    Re: Tearing on video - noob to ubuntu

    Is this an 'optimus' type setup? If not sure Install inxi (sudo apt install inxi), run and post results.

    inxi -CG

    If it is and you're using the nvidia gpu then this could help

  13. Re: Data drive mounts every boot when I do not want it to mount

    The whole point of above commands was to see if 'good' drives have attribute removable 0 and the 'bad' drives removable 1. If so then see if there is a way to alter that attribute, maybe thru a udev...
  14. Re: Data drive mounts every boot when I do not want it to mount

    If you list the drive in fstab it'll be auto mounted by root so to un-mount you need to do so as root.

    Based on your orig. post it leads to these orig. assumptions
    1. Orig. none of the data...
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    Re: Can two versions of libpng coexist?

    Yes, you can have two different libpng versions installed (the shared library, not the -dev). Any app that links to libpng16-16, ( will not be affected by the presence of libpng12-0...
  16. [ubuntu_mate] Re: strange attributes of files copyied from NTFS partition

    This is done via udisks2, specifically this line in the ntfs section in the source code, i.e, udiskslinuxfilesystem.c

    Never could get any good reason why thru a bug report quite some time ago...
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    [ubuntu] Re: How do I remove or stop Firefox WebIDE?

    It's a built-in devtool. Should only appear with shift+F8
    Not aware of any way to disable short of change to the source code or how you could of changed to shift only (unless your F8 is stuck..
  18. Re: Data drive mounts every boot when I do not want it to mount

    I've only one additional internal drive, when mounted thru file manager it only gets an unmount option, never eject which is only seen on removable/external devices
    When you mount any of your other...
  19. Thread: VLC wont open

    by mc4man

    Re: VLC wont open

    Run this command, see if anything is returned. If so post.

    cat .config/vlc/vlcrc |grep "avcodec-hw="
  20. [SOLVED] Re: How to install an Ambience theme on Ubuntu 19.04/Unity

    The best way to add unity in 19.04 is to install the ubuntu-unity-desktop package. It has a dependency on ubuntu-artwork package which deps on light-themes..
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    Re: Tearfree option crashes Xorg

    Don't know anything about amd gpu's but noticed you're setting driver "radeon" but actually using the opensource one, amdgpu
  22. [ubuntu] Re: "Allow Launching" of desktop icons through CLI

    There is no setting, this is the way nautilus works now..
    You could set another file-manager to run the Desktop, most compatible is nemo.
    While in a unity session this switch is automatically done...
  23. [ubuntu] Re: How to download version 3 of ffmpeg on Ubuntu 16.04

    That ppa should be 'ok' as the shared ffmpeg libs are different versions than what's normally used in 16.04. However they are pretty useless as nothing will use them other than the ffmpeg binary...
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    Re: Unity start button

    Haven't seen anything like that in a couple of 18.04 installs using a unity session. They work fine here.

    Your issue probably is from a 16.04 to 18.04 upgrade as there were significant changes....
  25. Re: Handling duplicate package names in multi-release repos?

    By who?
    Users of any particular Ubuntu release only see in their package manager packages targeted to their release, this is determined in most cases by the /debian/changelog entry at time of...
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