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    Re: Change raid 1 to raid 0

    In fact the reason I used raid 0 at that time was that I did a lot of analog video capture
    and hard drive of more than 1 To were quite rare and expensive.
    The drives used were low speed "Green"...
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    Re: Change raid 1 to raid 0

    I agree on that but it is also true that sharing main drive activity between 2 physical ones improves their reliability.
    I have an array of 2 x 1To drives that worked non stop for 15 years :-) ...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Unable to install boot-repair on 19.10

    I too failed to install boot -repair.
    But there is a bootable USB ISO of boot- repair.
    It helped a lot.
  4. [ubuntu] Re: Updating BIOS /UEFI on ubuntu only machines

    Completely removing an OS from a computer is a bad idea.
    HDD space has never been so cheap.
    There are a few Android applications I would like to use on Intel devices.
  5. Re: Ubuntu installer is very outdated and user unfriendly

    And if such a special case was to be taken into account on the installer it would render it very complex and out of reach for
    the majority of Ubuntu users.
    The success of Ubuntu is mainly due...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Waterfox, how to get it?

    There is no reason for firefox and others to loose all preference ,bookmarks,and passwords when upgrading OS.
    With Windows I'm still waiting for drivers updates (creative labs ,iomega,cinergy,asus)...
  7. [SOLVED] Re: Connecting two computers with one ethernet cable - no router

    I totally agree with that .
    It is misleading to mark a topic "solved" if there is no trace of the solution in it.
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    Firefox and TVheadend

    When using the html interface to my DVBT/DVBS TVheadend server I found that SMplayer is much better than
    VLC I was using until now.
    I have yet to see if this apply to my windows computers.
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    [SOLVED] Re: Waterfox, how to get it?

    Thanks for this topic
    I just tried waterfox as appimage it is OK in both 19.04 and 19.10.
    On the contrary firefox keeps destroying my profile when I switch from 04 to 10.
    Netflix is OK with...
  10. [ubuntu] Re: Logging in Graphical Mode to Headless Ubuntu System

    An alternative to the dongle may be a cheap HDMI to VGA or CVBS converter.
    They provide a sound output that may be handy.
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    Re: Not able to run system as root

    As I am a great fan of Midnight Commander I often use
    sudo mc
    in a text console to avoid entering password too many times.
    It works with ssh login too.
    PS : On a local machine gpm allows using...
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    [ubuntu] Re: I cannot use mp4 files or .exe files

    Hi and welcome to Linux world.
    For a newcomer there are a few software's that are common to Windows,Android ,Apple and Linux.
    Shame that some of them are not included in the basic Ubuntu...
  13. Re: Dual boot Ubuntu and Ubuntu Studio on Inspiron 3847

    I installed ubuntu studio over my normal ubuntu.
    At boot Grub gives you the choice between the normal kernel and the low latency one.
    They both get updated at the same time.
    It doesn't use...
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    Re: Migrate from 18.04 to xfce?

    The option to choose the desktop manager is not offered at first boot.
    But when I logout from gnome I can choose:
    To log in as another user
    To change manager between :
    Ubuntu on wayland...
  15. [SOLVED] Re: Is there some way of using free space on installation thumb drives for other file

    One way I like is to customize my installation with apt on the command line and store a copy of my history file.
    A copy of firefox short cuts and passwords would be nice too.
  16. W10 insist on mounting an SD card ext4 partition

    I'm using a disk-less mini PC.
    First W10 was on the 64GB EMMC .
    I used a 64GB sdcard in NTFS and assigned it letter E in W10.
    To try Ubuntu I splitted The EMMC to make a 20GB ext4 partition.
  17. Re: The PC is restarting when I try install Ubuntu or Try Ubuntu without installing i

    If you need any kind of servicing on a device where you totally removed the original software
    i wish you luck.
    Even if you installed W10 on a W7 computer.
    But Linux allowed multi-boot since the...
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    Re: Problems with 5.0.0-38 kernel

    Hi thanks again for the quick replies.
    The low latency version comes when installing ubuntu studio.
    Maybe it is the reason for being late in versions.
    I have studio installed since a moment and...
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    Re: Problems with 5.0.0-38 kernel

    Strange this is the content of my /boot directory:
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    Problems with 5.0.0-38 kernel

    It works but booting is very long.
    So using the Grub menu I select 5.0.0-37
    My main question is how to prevent 5.0.0-37 to be overwritten in a future upgrade ?
    To be safe I already made an archive...
  21. Thread: Fanless mini PCs

    by hk42

    Re: Fanless mini PCs

    It seems to me that it is the tablets and phone industry that inspired the recent evolution.
    Intel made a try to equal Arm success in that field.
    The Intel mini PC is still behind for running some...
  22. Re: The PC is restarting when I try install Ubuntu or Try Ubuntu without installing i

    That old PC had an original OS is it still working ?
    Linux can't be expected to work miracles .
    Keeping the original OS on any device is the only way to expect
    servicing of it.
    It is a very...
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    Re: Why are you a active forum member

    1: because 19.04 worked out of the box on my configuration.
    2: because this forum helped me a lot and quickly for the very few problems I was left with.
  24. Re: Maxtor4 external drive not now recognised by windows

    Not only Windows recognise very few file systems but it suggest to format the partitions.
    So making sure you loose everything on them.
    In France most ISP boxes use Linux so when you plug an USB...
  25. Re: Discussion of software that is not included in Ubuntu

    Inspired by your message I tried Seamonkey from their website and all went well
    with just extracting the archive in the /usr/local directory....
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