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  1. [all variants] Re: HOW TO: Set up the HP TX2z and Dell XT & XT2 (N-trig digitizer) in Ubuntu

    Hi rafiyr. Thanks for the prompt reply.
    Sorry I didn't respond sooner, for some reason I had notifications from the forum turned off.

    Anyway. I'm having a terrible time with this driver using...
  2. [all variants] Re: HOW TO: Set up the HP TX2z and Dell XT & XT2 (N-trig digitizer) in Ubuntu

    Hi all.

    Could some one with some knowledge of these things tell if I'm seeing normal behavior with my n-trig duoSense touchscreen.

    When I start up evtest and touch the screen, I get a constant...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: How do I compress DVD iso images but keep Dolby Digital?

    Yes it can, but you have to do each title separately and then mix it all together in mkvtoolnix, it's a big job! Plus the only players that can handle multiple tracks and chapters in mkv are vlc and...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: How do I compress DVD iso images but keep Dolby Digital?

    Rip the DVD using vobcopy then use avidemux to save the ac3/dts file to separate files. Then tell avidemux to encode the video to xvid or h264 without sound. Once encoding has finished, mix the...
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    [ubuntu] Re: No Sound And Tried Everything

    Just install OSS4.1 from this guide and all your crappy pulse-audio/alsa problems will disapear. And your sound will never sound better :)
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    [all variants] Re: Hardy 8.04 & OSS4 (Alternative to ALSA)

    See that's the problem with alsa, it's complicated and broken, not to mention the sound quality is like a crystal radio compared to OSS4.

    The problem you had with applications not working is...
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    [all variants] Re: Hardy 8.04 & OSS4 (Alternative to ALSA)

    OSS4.1 is simply amazing!

    I never knew my on board sound cards could sound so bloody great. Compared to OSS4.1 Alsa sounds like it's being played in a shoe box. I was so impressed by its sound...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Video settings - Resolution issues

    Here's my nvidia dual screen setup, just change the relevant bits to you hardware.

    # /etc/X11/xorg.conf (xorg X display server configuration file for nVidia TwinView)

    Section "Files"
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    [all variants] Re: "Instant-on" OS like splashtop?

    Hehehe! How about debian base install with xorg-xserver and fluxbox?

    Boots in 17.5 seconds here :)
  10. [ubuntu] Re: Is it possible to configure a 'fallback' xorg.conf?

    Here's what I did to change configs easy.
    I made two xorg.conf files and put them in /etc/X11
    One's called and the other is

    I then wrote 2 scripts (could be done in...
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    [mythbuntu] Re: Antec Fusion Black IMON LCD

    Hi Frank

    I just went through your tutorial for getting the imon lcd and knob running and all went well :) Much easier than it was a year ago when Dean first released his driver and we were all...
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    [ubuntu] Re: SPDIF in Hardy

    Nvidia doesn't support sound via HDMI on linux yet, probably never will :(
  13. [ubuntu] Re: xorg server crashes when is opened in firefox

    Install NoScript extension in Firefox and the problem will go. How anyone could surf the web without NoScipt is beyond my comprehension these days, so much crapolla going on in the background it's...
  14. [ubuntu] Re: Firefox 3.0 in Hardy not using GTK icons

    Because your chosen icon theme doesn't contain the correct .png folder icons in status/gtk-directory.png. Firefox will not see svg files and it doesn't for some reason honour the index.theme fallback...
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    Re: python console

    All that does is remove the output, the prompt is still locked to mplayer :(

    import os, subprocess as sub

    os.system("mplayer /path/movie.mkv > /dev/null")
    sub.Popen("/usr/bin/mplayer " +...
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    python console

    Is there anyway to execute another program from the python console and then have the python prompt return to do other things?

    I've tried all the methods I could find in the docs and on the net....
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    Re: change a python process title

    Thanks. I know about that, but not what I was looking for.
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    change a python process title

    Is there no way to change the title of a python process?
    I mean if I have 3 different python scripts running, they're all called python.

    This makes it hard to kill ?which python????

    Sorry if...
  19. Re: Can anyone reccomend a forum that isn't an endless chain of questions?

    ROFL! Isn't irony such a wonderful thing? :lolflag:

    Hehehe! I just answered your post with another question :popcorn:
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    Re: Painfully slow for last few days

    Interesting! Running traceroute, I hit london just fine. Then it slows down when it hits (hop18) and then I get a no reply :( Which I don't understand because to get no reply...
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    Painfully slow for last few days

    These forums have been painfully slow for the last few day from here in Australia. I feel like I'm on a 28k connection again :(

    Is there problems at the moment?
  22. Re: HOW-TO Configure the VFD to work with MythTV on a Antec Fusion case

    from my understanding, the ir reciever works with the lirc_mceusb2 module and the volume nob works with the lirc_imon module. This is because antec butchered the soungraph controller to work with M$...
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    Re: I want to code an MPlayer frontend

    Setting up a named pipe(fifo)works great! You can control it with a simple webpage pointing your links to a python or bash script...
  24. Re: Is "beginning game development with python and pygame a good book?

    I've played around with a few pygame aps, they're very taxing on your cpu and system. is this the norm? I looked at a media center type app that required pygame and just sitting there idle doing...
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    Re: Nautilus developers should be embarrassed

    These are all requests that have been made over and over again to the Gnome folks. I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for these features to be implemented if I were you. This would make Nautilus way...
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