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  1. [SOLVED] Re: large NFS copy locks up/hang client with large files (again) (lucid)

    I'm having good result with the following configuration:

    4 IBM systemx, ALL with ubuntu 12.04.01 64 bit

    server, /etc/exports
  2. [ubuntu] Re: Firefox 10.0.2 crash the SYSTEM 11.10

    Installing firefox-trunk nightly build the pagesite above mentioned, fliker, then stop flikering and finally works correctly.

    With FF 3.6 no fliker is noticed.

    Anyway it seems a progress...
  3. [ubuntu] Firefox 10.0.2 crash the SYSTEM 11.10

    After installing Firefox 10.0.2 on ubuntu 11.10, I got back visiting

    the video systems (nvidia) crash, locking the laptop.

    Tried downloading firefox...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: OpenOffice Base Navigation and Display very slow

    The problem arise from the Java JRE version installed.

    Please check

    and provide a new installa of java JRE

    It will be MUCH...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu - Adempiere -

    Could be helpful if you specify which installation instruction followed the first time, and which ones the second time.

    Any information ?

    Often similar problem happen when different...
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    [ubuntu] 10.04 desktop & pre-emptive kernel

    I read on phoronix, that the 10.04 would have offered the pre-emptive kernel.

    I installed the 10.04 32bit desktop edition, but the package manager offer me only the realtime and paae standard...
  7. [all variants] Re: install KnowLedgeTree 3.7 fail under Ubunt 10.04 LTS. Zend Server problems

    it is NOT a dns problem, it is a package dependencies problem

    Eve more, the ip you gave seems not related to zend
  8. [all variants] Re: install KnowLedgeTree 3.7 fail under Ubunt 10.04 LTS. Zend Server problems

    you can fix the problem MANUALLY
    Download the lib mysqlclient15 from karmic repository (yes, from karmic also if you have the Lucid 10.04)

    install it manually wit deb packager.

    The zend...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Zend Server CE on 10.04

    In karmic there were libmysqlclient15 and libmysqlclient16.

    I think in lucid they simply kept the last one.
    The bug is in the Zend deb package, that should be update to the LTS version of Ubuntu
  10. [all variants] install KnowLedgeTree 3.7 fail under Ubunt 10.04 LTS. Zend Server problems

    We are using currently Knowledgetree 3.7 on ubuntu 9.10, without problems.

    Today, we have tried to install knowledgetree 3.7 on a new machine, with a brand new ubuntu 10.04.

    The installer...
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    [ubuntu] key "h" consument by unknown event

    I'm using gnome on 9.10.

    If I try to create from gnome a new file/directory , (e.g. F2 for dir) and try to name it with a label containing an "h" char, the key "h" pressed is ignored.

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    [gnome] Re: Crtl-H disappeared

    thanks mechro,
    I'm astonished ... following your hint and pressing ctrl-h while hovering with the mouse cursor on the menu item, made the action "ctrl-h" REAPPEARED in the menu !!
    And of course...
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    [gnome] [SOLVED] Crtl-H disappeared

    browsing directory with nautilus, the menu item "show hidden file", has lost the ctrl-h command.
    It isn't dispayed close to the item, and of course it is not funciotioning if I press ctrl-h
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