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    [ubuntu] Virtualizing Fedora Help Please

    Maybe a noob question but anyway..

    I would like to know how you virtualize operating systems instead of properly installing them, i'm fine with that, but never done virtualizing before.

  2. [SOLVED] Re: Is it possible to share multimedia between users on the same computer?

    External Hard Drive Plugged in with your media copyed onto it, that's what i do, works a treat!
  3. [SOLVED] Re: Does Google Chrome update itself in Ubuntu?

    I thought it might be that but I wasn't sure. Why are they killing flash for linux? I guess because it is a tiny market share compared to windows and mac os. I have tried out html5 youtube trial...
  4. [SOLVED] Does Google Chrome update itself in Ubuntu?

    I was wondering does Google Chrome update itself in Ubuntu like it does in Windows?

    Also is flash for linux being killed off by Adobe?


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    [ubuntu] Re: Help with connecting to Samsung Galaxy S2

    Yes, mass storage almost never works with internal memory on any device. Only the memory card, micro sd for galaxy s 2. Maybe you could buy a cheapo micro sd and transfer files to internal memory on...
  6. [SOLVED] Re: Debain Grub Boot Loader for no apparent reason!

    Ah fixed now, figured it out myself.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Help Installing Ubuntu

    And I think that that is where the problem is :) And where my knowledge stops :([/QUOTE]

    Sound's like you need to make a bigger partition mate.
  8. [SOLVED] Debain Grub Boot Loader for no apparent reason!

    Hi guy's, my first post on this so go easy eh?

    I have a Debian boot loader for no apparent reason when i turn on my computer, i have only messed around with debian in virtual box (and quite liked...
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