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  1. Re: Post when and how you used the Internet for the first time...

    About 1999, getting my parents to buy me a copy of Quest 64 for $18 on eBay (the idea of getting a n64 game for $18 was absolutely mindblowing to me at the time). Still have that cartridge too.
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    Re: Satoshi Kon has died

    Millennium Actress is one of my favorite movies of all time, and Perfect Blue was also great...:cry:

    Hopefully his new film (The Dream Machine, I think) will be finished...I love Kon's work. This...
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    Re: What's the legality?

    It's illegal. Any distribution of copyrighted content (In the US at least) is illegal unless it falls under fair use, which a complete comic does not. Since the distribution is illegal, the copy...
  4. Humble Indie Game bundle--"Name your price"; runs on Linux!

    Right now, you can get Aquaria, Gish, World of Goo, Penumbra: Overture, and Lugaru as part of name-your-price bundle--all DRM free and with Windows, Mac, and Linux executables. Also, you can choose...
  5. Re: Stupidly broke wine with winecfg...need help.

    Just what I needed. Thanks!
  6. Stupidly broke wine with winecfg...need help.

    So I was stupid enough to tell winecfg to disable a system critical dll (Half-asleep, I thought disable meant "disable the over-ride", not disable it from being called...don't really know why it was...
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    Re: XKCD website overhaul

    Greatest April fools ever. Oh, and the Konami code works too!

    (up up down down left right left right b a ) Use the keyboard; don't type it in.

    Enter it four times in a row. Trust me.
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    [ubuntu] Static/clipping on left speaker?

    Ubuntu 9.04
    Intel Corporation 82801G (ICH7 Family) High Definition Audio Controller (rev 01)

    Regardless of what I'm playing, what speakers I'm using (I've tried 3, including earbuds), I always...
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    Re: ReactOS windows Alternative?

    Not sure I'd ever use it daily, but I like the possibility of using it in an emulator to be able to use old software. Kinda like a DOSBox, except being able to run Windows programs.
  10. Re: Why is homebrew for DS (or any game system) legality?

    It's 100% legal so long as the homebrew contains only user-made code, and no other Nintendo (Or sony, etc) code of any sort.

    Note, however, that it does void your warranty. The company may also...
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    Re: Plants vs zombies & Braid on WINE

    Braid runs fine in the latest version.
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    [SOLVED] Re: Good Spam Blocker for Thunderbird?

    So it does. That'll work--Thanks!:P
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    [SOLVED] Good Spam Blocker for Thunderbird?

    Just a quick question. Is there a good spam blocker for Ubuntu and Thunderbird, like Spamfighter is on windows?
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    [ubuntu] Re: HP 1120nr--No Wifi.

    I'll give it a try. If not, I guess I'll just write my own driver :P
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    [ubuntu] HP 1120nr--No Wifi.

    EDIT: Nevermind...move along...DOS4dinner just forgot that laptops can turn their internet on and off:P
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    [ubuntu] Re: Quick Q about Nvidia and new Kernels.

    I see. Thanks!
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    [ubuntu] Quick Q about Nvidia and new Kernels.

    I'm using the proprietary Nvidia driver for my card; if I update the Linux kernel, will I have to reinstall the driver? If so, is there a way to automate the process?
  18. [ubuntu] How can I configure this connection setup? (Port Forwarding?)

    Sorry for the slightly vague title, but how would I accomplish this?

    I have a wireless card in my desktop that connects to a wireless router. That wireless router connects to the internet.

  19. [ubuntu] Re: Intel to Nvidia upgrade; quick driver question

    I was planning on doing it the "Latest Nvidia driver thread" way, unless activating them like that works just well (And gets the latest proprietary drivers)
    edit: I'm gonna put the card in--I'll be...
  20. [ubuntu] Re: Intel to Nvidia upgrade; quick driver question

    I'm following the undo guide for the intel drivers; however, a couple of the commands aren't quite working.

    The downgrade package command wants to downgrade 15, and remove 9.

    the "sudo...
  21. [ubuntu] Re: Intel to Nvidia upgrade; quick driver question

    I will undo the changes then. Thanks!
  22. [ubuntu] Intel to Nvidia upgrade; Intel removal questions

    Ubuntu 9.04

    I followed the integrated Intel driver howto thread over in multimedia/video (The safe configuration). Do I need to undo those changes, or can I just put my new card in and follow that...
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    Re: Any games that will work with inel gfx

    Cave Story!
    And anything that runs in DOSBox (IE, any game for DOS will run fine, like Space Quest, Doom, Tyrian, etc)
  24. Re: WoW, very low framerates with Intel G35 chipset

    Maybe with WoW it's not a problem, but usually they don't recommend you do that. See this FAQ

    You would install it just like you do in Windows. Just put the CD in (or whereever you got the...
  25. Re: Can't run anything on wine I get an error message

    Your OS is trying to open it with the archive manager. You have to tell it to open with wine.

    Run the command with "wine" before it. ex:

    wine utorrent.exe

    Also, you can right click on the...
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