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  1. [ubuntu] System crash, now entire folder is missing from ext2 partition

    I had a system crash. There is a FireWire drive on the system (running 9.04) That had some photos that were not backed up yet.

    That portion of the disk seems tho have disappeared. That is, a...
  2. [ubuntu] Need to change owner and group ALL root files

    I have a system that appears to be very messed up.

    When I installed this one, with Ubuntu 6.x a few years ago, the root group was installed as "7root". Things worked FINE for most of the time,...
  3. [ubuntu] What is 7root? Why do I keep losing sudo?

    I have a system that has been installed and upgraded a few times.

    Currently, it appears that gid 0 belongs to 7root. I am not sure what that is, and searching for "7root" doesn't turn up a lot of...
  4. [ubuntu] /etc/sudoers is owned by gid 1010, should be 0

    I am running Ubuntu 8.10

    This morning I ran "sudo apt-get upgrade" and something must have gone wrong.

    right after running the upgrade, I tried to install something and I got:
  5. [all variants] Re: Grub Error 2 after server install. A tip.

    Thanks for your post, I am dealing with this right now, and I have never really looked at GRUB before.

    Question: How do I get into the rescue mode? My screen looks like this:

    Boot from...
  6. [ubuntu] Changing ownership of file owned by specific user

    How can I run the chown/chgrp command and affect only files owned by a specific user/group?

    I have a shared directory structure, and I want to change the owner for the files owned by user A to...
  7. [ubuntu] Something bad happened with last apt-get upgrade

    Last week I ran an update and it froze the system. After trying to gracefully shutdown with Sysreq keys (maybe successful?) I have some problems...

    $ cat /etc/issue
    Ubuntu 8.04.1 \n \l

  8. [ubuntu] Persistent mount point for ieee1394 drive?

    I am trying to get my external drives to auto-mount in the same place each time, and I am having trouble getting them to work. I am running Ubuntu 8.04, and they will need to automount so that...
  9. Poll: Re: HOWTO: Dell Inspiron E1505 Wireless (Broadcom 1390 WLAN)

    Have a Dell 1720 with the Dell 1505 Wireless-n card.

    As of November 27th, I DID NOT have to compile the ndiswrapper, just used the one in the repository. Worked perfectly with the XP driver from...
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