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    Re: Help in Snes9x

    If you are running Quantal, you'll have to download and install the Precise .deb since Bearoso still hasn't uploaded a Quantal .deb.
  2. Wagic: The Homebrew compilation help

    Has anyone been able to compile this game for use in Ubuntu? I can get it to compile on 64-bit Arch, but I need a 32-bit binary for a friend and I am having no luck building it on Ubuntu.

  3. Re: TOC Files Under PCSX, Are They Even Being Read By the Emulator?

    I don't see any other problem with your TOC, but I admit I've only used CUEs with PCSX-R. :?
  4. Re: TOC Files Under PCSX, Are They Even Being Read By the Emulator?

    Is your data file actually named VIB_RIBBON.BIN? One of the most common problem with CUE files is they are made on case-insensitive Windows and then don't work on Linux because the file name case...
  5. Re: help with a ps3 and an external harddrive

    You are forced to use FAT32, nothing else works as far as I know.

    There may also be problems with current high capacity drives. Some users claim they can't get the PS3 to "see" any partitions...
  6. Re: Chess game that allows very easy games?

    The first three AI levels of PyChess (in the software center) are quite easy to beat in my opinion.
  7. Re: bsnes won't play anything. snes purify won't show the files to scan.

    Are the file extensions correct? They should be .sfc in order to load them in bsnes.

    Also, have you tried snes9x? For most people it's probably a better emu choice currently (no offense to...
  8. Re: How to install and run a ps2 emulator on ubuntu 12.04?

    CPU recommendations from PCSX2's page

    Your system is way too old to play any games at normal speed. Even brand-new hardware can't always do that.
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    [ubuntu] Re: CPU 100% - Phantom usage

    I forgot about Chromium zombies... I have seen that before myself.

    100% CPU from a fresh boot implies one of the startup process is to blame. Does system monitor show anything? Any zombie...
  10. [ubuntu] Re: Have you seen this gray rectangle in Chromium?

    Is it being caused by a map result in the Google search? Looks a bit like a flash plugin glitch.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Root, Swap, Home sizes?

    My experience with installing a swap partition smaller than the RAM size has been very negative. The default kernel behavior will see the computer swapping when it doesn't need to and things will...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Very old laptop

    A computer this limited is nothing more than a toy for a experienced user to install something like FreeDOS and show off as a curiosity. Just turning it on is a waste of electricity in a...
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    [ubuntu] Re: CPU 100% - Phantom usage

    Sounds like you are dealing with a zombie process... I agree that it can be very irritating the system monitor programs often do not show these.

    The most common culprits for zombie on my system...
  14. [ubuntu] Re: Need Media Player That Can Play DVD Iso Images

    You can also use VLC to play DVD copies in VIDEO_TS format. Just open the VIDEO_TS.IFO file in the folder with VLC and it works exactly like an ISO file.
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    Re: Best Emulators For Ubuntu.

    Snes9x was not mentioned for Super Nintendo, but I think it's the best choice for most users.

    ZSNES is a pain to install and has a much lower level of compatibility and sound quality than the...
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    Re: PCSX-R Saving and Bios issue

    I have gotten memory cards to work with the inbuilt BIOS (and it saves/loads far faster than normal), but I found that the game saves get corrupted very frequently so you have to get a real BIOS.
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    Re: how to install epsxe on Ubuntu 12.04?

    epsxe is closed-source and it hasn't been updated in more than 4 years... even if you could get it to run, it would surely have lots of problems.

    PCSX-r is really what we have to use. ):P
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    [kubuntu] Re: Changing the taskbar color

    System Settings > Workspace Appearance > Desktop Theme.

    You can do finetuning with the details tab if needed. :)
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    [kubuntu] Re: KDE, Colors, FF & Chrome Menus

    The programs you mention use GTK (Gnome) rather than Qt (KDE), so they don't follow your normal theme settings.

    Have you already played around with the settings under System Settings > Application...
  20. Thread: kde 4.8

    by mister_playboy

    Re: kde 4.8

    4.8 is the first KDE version that gives me consistent Kwin performance throughout a login session... previously animations would gradually get more laggy and I'd kill/restart plasma-desktop to get...
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    Re: Arch Linux fun

    I'm using KDE on Arch... and I learned that Kubuntu is actually quite close to a vanilla KDE install.:)

    Since I can't upgrade the RAM on this laptop past 2GB, I might try Enlightment for the next...
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    Re: Should I use Arch to gain experience?

    I installed Arch on my computer a month ago.

    Just going through the install process will teach you quite a bit about the internals of a Linux system. While it's true that you can learn all this...
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    Re: Windows XP RAM limitation

    In looking at a 64-bit Windows install, you may find 98% of the programs are actually 32-bit. Even core system stuff like IE will run as 32-bit by default.

    It will be many years before they...
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    [SOLVED] Re: can't format hard drive

    input/output error may be a mechanical problem with the HDD. Is the drive making any clicking noises?
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    [kubuntu] Re: Problem with audio video sync

    I had this issue on Xubuntu 11.04... audio lagged 1/3 second behind video system-wide. I never figured it out.

    We've had pulseaudio in Kubuntu since 10.10 IIRC, so it is probably the issue...
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