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    [ubuntu] Re: New to Ubuntu install advice

    Welcome to Linux! :-)

    First thing you should do is ensure there's nothing tied up on the Windows world that you simply cannot do without. If there is; Dual boot, separate hdd or even booting...
  2. Re: Valve Announcement - Steam client coming to Ubuntu

    This is certainly a shot in the arm not only for Gaming on Linux, but the biggest gaming software developer adding Ubuntu to it's release stream is a great the for everyone!

    Could bring Linux into...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Gmail not working in Firefox

    I had a similar issue and found it to be plugins in Firefox. I now prefer to use Chrome and have had no further issues.

    Check on Google if there any known issues with your plugins in Firefox and...
  4. [ubuntu] Evolution Mail Crashing when hitting the reply button

    I've got a very strange, inconsistent issue with Evolution.

    Randomly it crashes when I hit reply on a message. No warning, no error... just BOOM, closed.

    The only consistency I can find is...
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