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    poweredge 840 ubuntu server 14.04

    ok I have worked with Linux for years and installed Ubuntu server on several servers. That said I have been trying to install Ubuntu server 14.04 on a Poweredge 840. When it gets to the partition...
  2. Re: ubuntu server 12.04 network will not start

    Haven't tried the loopback only, but if I hand type everything the network works fine, I setup IP_forwarding and a static route to another machine, just networking will not start. Yes I did try the...
  3. Re: ubuntu server 12.04 network will not start

    The pain with this issue is that after a reboot I have to manually start the interfaces and run ip forwarding command and add a route by hand, I have these defined in the interfaces file and in...
  4. Re: ubuntu server 12.04 network will not start

    Ok progress. I have the network interfaces up but still sudo service networking start shows stop/waiting. seems to be working so far so will continue from here.
  5. ubuntu server 12.04 network will not start

    Ok I tried to find this in the forums and no go so far. I just setup an Ubuntu Server 12.04 using ubuntu server 12.04.3 32-bit iso. when I rebooted everything seemed to work, but when I went in...
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    ubuntu server 13.04 ltsp question

    I am setting up an LTSP server on Ubuntu Server 13.04. I have the server all setup and now am trying to tune the client image. One question I have is there a way to create launchers on the desktop...
  7. reattach software raid to clean install

    I have a NAS that was running 12.10, I am going to have to do a reinstall of the / drive. I have a software raid 5 that I created. I would like to reattach the raid after the install, the / is not...
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    ubuntu 13.04 server and rocketraid rr2680

    I have looked all over the net for help on this and no luck so far. I have a rocketraid rr2680 in my home server and it was working fine under 12.10. When I upgraded to 13.04 the driver is no...
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    Poll: Re: Was your first computer a linux machine?

    My first computer was an Altair 8080 and had a TRS-80 Model 1 revsion A (had the 4k ROM installed)

    The Altair 8080 had a 4bit processor that ran at 800Khz and had 4 k of RAM, we had to hand input...
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