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    [ubuntu] Re: LIRC won't reinstall

    I finally got the driver compiled into the LIRC source and my IR blaster is working now. The problem now is LIRC still hangs from the apt-get install, and is preventing me from installing anything...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Lirc not working on Ubuntu 12.04

    This is the bug report filed for this issue:

    The workaround is

    sudo ln -s...
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    [ubuntu] LIRC won't reinstall

    I just did a clean install of 12.04 and MythTV, followed by installing iguanaIR and compiling it into the LIRC source following these instructions:
  4. [ubuntu] 11.04 slow to load auto eth0 when wireless card is present

    In my desktop I have a wireless card for occasional use but usually run off the wired connection. I disable the card when not in use. I did a new install of 11.04 on a SSD, and although the boot time...
  5. [ubuntu] Re: Dual boot of Ubuntu 11.04 with Windows XP leaves XP unmountable, unbootable

    I was worried I may have screwed up the partitioning. I tried several things to get rid of the error, then when I did, there was no button to go back and check it. For something that important, you'd...
  6. [ubuntu] Dual boot of Ubuntu 11.04 with Windows XP leaves XP unmountable, unbootable

    Installed 11.04 after an existing install of XP on a 500 GB drive. During Ubuntu partition, at first I got an error saying I needed to specify a root partition, then it seemed to go away without me...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu 11.04 won't dual boot with Windows XP

    For a linux noob such as myself having the same issue, would you please list the steps to repair grub? Is it just sudo apt-get remove grub2, then reinstall from the repositories? Does any of this...
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