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  1. Re: Can't ssh into a server after a power outage and a "broken pipe" error

    To output Linux over the serial console, you need to configure Grub by editing /etc/default/grub and then run update-grub.

    This is a copy of my /etc/default/grub file. I've highlighted the...
  2. Re: Can't ssh into a server after a power outage and a "broken pipe" error

    I have an APU1, also running Ubuntu Server 18.04.

    If the ssh server hasn't come back after a reboot, I think that you'll almost certainly going to need to access it via the serial port. If you...
  3. [kubuntu] Re: upgrade from 18.10 to 19.04 does not work, tried everything

    If the Australian mirrors are still carrying the Cosmic sources, you could try changing to those and seeing if that helps.

    I see also (I missed it earlier) that you have a Google repository. I'd...
  4. [kubuntu] Re: upgrade from 18.10 to 19.04 does not work, tried everything

    Because 18.10 isn't supported any more, you need to use the procedure for old releases. See

    Your other option, and the one I'd take if it were me, is...
  5. Re: Persistently exposing iSCSI LUNS after a reboot

    Thread closed.

    Please do not post duplicate messages. It causes confusion and makes it harder for people to help.
  6. Re: I am no longer a distro hopper. What about you ?

    I guess it depends on what you mean by a distro-hopper. VMs make it easy to try various distros without having to overwrite things, so I keep a Ubuntu variant on my main machine and spin up VMs as I...
  7. Re: Soooo ... how many computers do you have?


    One desktop machine (nothing exciting - I'm not a gamer) running Xubuntu 18.04.
    One 10-year-old Asus netbook running Debian 10 with Openbox as WM. It keeps refusing to die. :)
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    Re: How popular are you on Facebook ?

    I'm not on Facebook, so I've no idea what people think about me.
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    Poll: Re: Computer VS TV.....Who wins ?

    I don't have a TV, so it makes it a rather easy question to answer!
  10. Re: What popup blockers do you use with firefox?

    Moved to Ubuntu, Linux and OS Chat, as this isn't a request for support.
  11. Re: Why change from Windows 10 on a fast desktop ?

    It's entirely over to you which OS you run. If Windows 10 does what you want in the way you want, then keep on running it.
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    Re: Which brand of TV are you using ?


    I spend a lot of time online, which in some ways might be just as bad. :)
  13. Re: Who is your ISP & what kind of connection are you using ?

    Sounds like I have the same connection type and ISP as you do, lisati. :) I'm perfectly happy with the service - I'm not into streaming, either - and in no hurry to upgrade.
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    Re: Thanks for your time

    All the very best, AI!
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    Re: Is Puppy Linux secure ?

    I used to be an enthusiastic Puppy Linux user some years back. From what I observed at the time, the number of people complaining about security problems was about the same as we'd see on these...
  16. Re: Sync AD domain user folders across machines connected to the same domain

    Thread moved to General Help.
  17. [ubuntu] Re: Need help interpreting chkrootkit and rkhunter output log

    I agree with HermanAB. In over 10 years, I can't recall ever seeing anyone helped by using these tools. On the other hand, I've seen lots of people go through unnecessary anxiety (including myself...
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