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    Help, How Do I Change My Password?

    Hi All!

    I forgot my password and then went through the steps of getting a new (temporary) password by email.

    I am logged in to the forums with this temporary password and I would like to...
  2. [lubuntu] Re: Installed Ubuntu but I cannot see it??????????

    In my opinion the easiest and the best way to install Ubuntu on a pre-existing Windows 7 box is to use the official installer. All you have to do is startup Windows 7, run the installer (which looks...
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    [ubuntu] My Mouse Pointer Moves Way Too Fast!

    Hi All!

    I am new to Ubuntu and first of all let me start of by saying I love it! Much better than Windows 7 and I like it as much as I do OS X (it seems Ubuntu borrowed a lot of ideas from OS X)....
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    [ubuntu] HP DV6 and Ubuntu 11.04, Slow Wireless

    I don't want to cross post but I also wanted to give my post a bit better chance to be seen. I am basically have issues with my DV6-3130us running Ubuntu 11.04. The wireless connection is terribly...
  5. [ubuntu] Ubuntu 11.04, HP DV6, Slow Slow Slow Wireless

    Hello All!!

    I am new to these forums but not so new to Linux. I used to have Linux installed on my primary computer as dual boot about 2 years ago. I decided to start using Linux again except this...
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