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    Re: SSD or RAM caching

    Bcache is a kernel module working towards being a viable Linux SSD caching option.

    I have not used it and cannot speak to its capability.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu 11.10 - Cannot Switch Users

    I have the same problem, but rather than reboot, I CTRL+ALT+F1 and do

    sudo service lightdm restart

    I have not tried the above fix of removing the package.
  3. [ubuntu] "faded" window title for inactive windows annoying

    I decided to check out Maverick-beta and suddenly my inactive windows have a faded title bar.

    It looks bad and the controls fade out too which bugs me.

    I looked in CompizConfig and don't see...
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    [ubuntu] Re: T410s - will it work fine?

    I just got one at work. I don't have the finger swiper on mine, have Intel graphics which work fine, Intel wifi which works out of the box. Have not tried to get the fancy touchpad stuff to work. I...
  5. Re: Anyone else feel Ubuntu has jumped the shark?

    Misinformed about what? How well Flash works? I sat and tried to use it myself after the person explained the issue. It straight up did not work.

    It's *ultimately* out of Canonical's hands, but...
  6. Re: Anyone else feel Ubuntu has jumped the shark?

    I have options, yes, but I've been using Ubuntu, helping spread Ubuntu, teaching people how to use it for a few years. So when I'm all about Ubuntu, everything is copacetic.

    I'm communicating my...
  7. Re: Anyone else feel Ubuntu has jumped the shark?

    I guess I take the stance that, out of the box, your system should be neutral, like block of fresh clay. It makes it feel, to me, that I am taking this lump of clay and making it into what I want or...
  8. Re: Anyone else feel Ubuntu has jumped the shark?

    To the couple of posts that are reminding me there are other options, yes I realize this.

    Part of me has a hard time recommending Ubuntu to new users though, including family and friends, if the...
  9. Re: Google's new Android strategy to avoid further fragmentation. Linux could learn..

    Ubuntu and other Linux distros are like this already (especially ones with a good pkg mgr).

    What's happening with Android is, instead of bundling apps, like Google Maps, into the system as a big...
  10. Anyone else feel Ubuntu has jumped the shark?

    I began using Linux 10 years ago, first Mandrake, then Slackware, FreeBSD for a time and back around to Linux with Ubuntu. I'm no hardcore hacker, I can cobble together some scripts, I am not afraid...
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    [ubuntu] Re: sshd not loading on boot w/ static IP set

    I've pretty much established that it doesn't, by assigning a static IP via that method and having no connectivity at all.

    I'd rather not remove it, since it has its uses and integrates with the...
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    [ubuntu] Re: sshd not loading on boot w/ static IP set


    All these views and no suggestions. I've Googled this and can't seem to find anything.

    To summarize:

    Static IP set in networkmanager

    sshd_config set to only...
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    [ubuntu] sshd not loading on boot w/ static IP set

    i have my IP statically set via network-manager

    sshd_config is set to only listen on this IP

    but sshd doesn't load on boot...

    anyone else find it annoying /etc/networking/interfaces doesn't...
  14. [ubuntu] Installing alt cd - "choose next step in the install process"

    I am trying to install with the Alt CD (also tried the server version) and after it configures and installs software it pulls up a Ubuntu Installation Main Menu

    It gives me a list and says "Choose...
  15. [ubuntu] Re: brasero error "not enough space for disc image"

    Awesome. I had just spent 10 minutes Googling before posting. I go back to Google while waiting to look for a reply and find this:
  16. [ubuntu] Re: brasero error "not enough space for disc image"

    Is there a way to change the path from /tmp to a different one?
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    [ubuntu] Re: Open Office 3 install

    If you used this repo

    deb intrepid main

    there are no packages for it right now. They pulled them because they were too buggy. Supposedly it...
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    [all variants] mounting local partitions in vserver

    i have a box i've setup with vserver with a partition that i want to mount under one of the vservers i've setup. the only thing is i can't figure out how to do this.

    is there a way? i've Googled...
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    [ubuntu] local mirror net-install doesn't work

    i have an ubuntu 8.04 mirror and a debian-etch mirror setup.

    the debian one works fine for doing local net-installs. however my ubuntu one has never worked. i have a week old burn of the latest...
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    [ubuntu] Solved my dropped network connection

    Simply for posterity, in case anyone has the same issue, I figured it out:

    Go into Settings on the Win Mo device, tap the Connections tab, tap USB to PC. Uncheck the Enable advanced network...
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    [ubuntu] Dropped network connection

    When I plug in my Sprint/HTC Mogul WinMo device to USB to charge, Hardy dumps my already established network link (on my desktop or laptop).

    Never had this problem in Gutsy. I'd rather not have it...
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    Re: Installing Quake 1


    that was easy
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    Re: Installing Quake 1

    oh are you kidding me? i've googled on a few seperate occasions and only found the newer quake games.

    thanks. don't take this the wrong way, but you stink :P
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    Installing Quake 1

    My laptop is a bit older and I'd like to throw some older games on it. Anyone get Quake 1 running in Ubuntu? I have Googled and can't find Linux install instructions for it anywhere.
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    [ubuntu] Re: upgrading from local repo

    probably because doing that hosed everything is why. dunno if it's hardy having issues w/ my hardware or the fact i mounted my old /home and some config is causing problems.

    oh well, openbox works...
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