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  1. [xubuntu] Re: A Whole Bunch of Problems After Update

    I got some new (and I think better) information for your problem over here. Check it out.
  2. [xubuntu] Re: A Whole Bunch of Problems After Update

    I do not know about using multiple monitors. That is something I saw people in the corporate world doing, but it's not my bag. My smallest monitor is 24" and I haven't felt a need for a second...
  3. [xubuntu] Re: A Whole Bunch of Problems After Update

    I had a similar issue in Linux Mint Mate.

    Here is what I noticed: when the monitor is turned off during system boot, the resolution gets screwed up. If the monitor is turned on during boot,...
  4. [SOLVED] Re: Slow performance in Xubuntus and Lubuntus with games.

    I think that is because mesa-utils installs OpenGL support, which is hardware acceleration used by your games and by compiz.

    I installed a proprietary hardware acceleration, ATI's fglrx and libva,...
  5. [ubuntu] Re: Want best environment for large HDTV

    In Xubuntu, clicking on the mouse opens up the menu. Choose Settings | Appearance, and select the Fonts tab. You can change from Droid Sans 10 to a larger size like Droid Sans 36. There are some...
  6. [ubuntu] Re: Windows 7 machine can't see Linux computer

    I've read a lot of tutorials and messages while trying to get my Linux share to be accessible from Windows on the network, and yours (link #6) is the most helpful by far. The key was disabling the...
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