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  1. [ubuntu] Re: bluetooth cannot send nor receive files in ubuntu 11.10

    Something similar here. Paired my phone, it seems to detect OK. The phone asks if it should allow data transfer when I click 'browse files' on my laptop. But nothing happens.

    Though I can send...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Unity launcher does not autohide

    Excellent, happens rarely so a nice fix :D
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    [ubuntu] Re: Installing OpenCL on Lucid

    Really liked the guide of how to setup amd_app here. But it seems I have a problem with my version of catalyst (?). Any ideas ho w to fix:
    *** CAL version mismatch:
    This OpenCL build requires...
  4. [ubuntu] Classic internet connection sharing problem

    Hello people :)

    I believe a lot of people had this issue at least once, I solved it on my previous laptop, but now there just seems to be too many loose ends to catch the actual problem.

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    Re: Are you people taking a note on Firefox 4?

    I get 17FPS with chrome 8.0.552.224
    7 FPS with Firefox 4.0b8

    Not so amazing I must say, BUT FF finally doesn't feel like a slugish java app that can barely change tabs. So I am using FF...
  6. [ubuntu] Re: Evolution: Tasks not viewable in calendar view

    Exactly the same problem, any ideas. It seemed ok at the begining, but i clicked on the line where sorting is and the tasks were gone. To put it short: BUMP :D
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