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    [ubuntu] Re: Networking with windows 7

    It might be a simple network problem and not a software thing. Are both computers on the same subnet? Perhaps the router is blocking the traffic or the Windows machine doesn't have sharing enabled.
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    Re: Evolution trying to migrate

    Heya, :)

    What email client are you intending to migrate from? Does it just show this message when the client starts? Is this a fresh, brand new 12.04 install? Do you have another partition with...
  3. Re: Where are windows partitions mounted from BY DEFAULT

    Hi there, welcome to the forums!

    You can find what is currently mounted to the file system by running;

    You can check where your windows ntfs partitions are mounted by running;

    mount |...
  4. Re: Booting Ubuntu from a partitionned external hard drive on USB 3.0

    Hey Alexandre, :)

    The Ubuntu built in installer is pretty good at doing things like what you're describing. When you first start the installer disk you get presented options on how you'd like to...
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    Re: Can't Access PC's HDD

    Hi there bryan, welcome to the forums! :)

    The reason you're seeing this problem is because there might be disk problems with the hard drive. Most likely nothing serious, or anything considerable...
  6. [SOLVED] Re: Modifying the /etc/hosts file in Percise Pangolin

    Hi there :)

    I think the problem might be an order of operations thing. Are you copy and pasting that from a post somewhere?

    When you sudo it gives you permission to do things as the super user...
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